About Child and Adolescent Development 

This major provides preparation for students interested in working with children and families in a range of settings and provides lower division major preparation for transfer, particularly to Child and Adolescent Development majors at the California State University.

The Associate in Arts in Child and Adolescent Development for Transfer ( AA -T) degree provides you with an interdisciplinary course of study in Child Development. This major can complement preparation for future TK-12 and SPED teachers as key courses and general education content is included. This major provides coursework examining research that focuses on developmental outcomes and factors spanning conception to emerging adulthood. This option of study is intended for students who aspire to careers in teaching, education, developmental research, public policy, social work, school psychology, family support and similar fields. The courses provide content breadth in Child Development.

Explore Potential Careers

Studying Child and Adolescent Development can lead you to a variety of different jobs or career paths, including para-professional, youth work, TK-12 teachers aide and after additional study can enter administration, TK-12 teaching, school administration, family support, school-based counseling, public policy, developmental research, educational policy and similar fields. 

Program Options 

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Many of the developmental certificates more easily "stack" to this degree including the Pre-teacher, SPED TK-12 and Youth Worker. 

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Semester 1 

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CDEV 53 Child Growth and Development 3  
Major Requirement Elective See Counselor 3  
ENGL 1A + AS University-Parallel Reading and Composition + Support 4-6  
CSU Area E Lifelong Learning 3  

Total Units: 13-15 

Semester 2

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
Major Requirement Elective See Counselor 3-4  
CSU Area C1 Arts 3  
CSU Area A3 Critical Thinking 4  
CSU Area B 2 (See Counselor) Life Sciences 3  
CSU Area B3 (See Counselor) Laboratory Activity 1  

Total Units: 14-15

Semester 3

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
PSYC 1 General Psychology 3  
CDEV 73 Observing and Assessing Young Children 3  
Major Requirement in Statistics See Counselor 5-7  
Major Requirement Elective See Counselor 3-4  
CSU U.S. History Graduation Requirement See Counselor 3  

Total Units: 17+

Semester 4

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CSU Area A1 Oral Communication 3  
CSU Area C1 or C2 Arts or Humanities 3  
POLS 1 American Government 3  
CSU Area B1 Physical Sciences 3  
CSU Area C2 Humanities 3  
Transferable Electives See Counselor 0-1  

Total Units: 16+

Transfer Options

All area CSU's and private institutions provide transfer continuity. SFSU specifically offers a variety of emphasis areas within the Child and Adolescent Development Department, for those interested in pursuing careers with children and youth. USF also offers a transfer pathway for CCSF students. Future teachers also can major in Liberal Studies, Ethnic Studies and subject area content. Future credentialed teachers need a BA or BS degree AND a California teaching credential. Local teacher credential programs include: SFSU, USF, SFUSD and other private and public options within the SF Bay Area. Students can also enter MA/MS programs

Have questions about transfer? Visit the Transfer Center for help, transfer information, and/or to speak with college representatives.