About Child Development: Pre-Teacher

This certificate represents a beginning step for future TK to 12th grade classroom teachers.

This Certificate of Accomplishment in TK-12 Pre-Teacher is an entry level certificate to introduce students to the field of TK-12 education and to begin on a pathway to earning an AS degree, a BA and a Multiple Subject or Single Subject credential. Coursework focuses on preparing students for teaching as a career and includes key content and fieldwork. The program prepares students to be classroom aides, para-professionals and to begin careers as assistants in TK to 12th grade classrooms as a first step.

Explore Potential Careers

Obtaining a Pre-Teacher certificate can lead to a variety of different jobs or career paths. Below are just some of the many options you will have!

  • TK- 12th grade classroom teachers
  • Para-professionals
  • Classroom instructional aides and careers in school-sites, including counselors, parent support professionals, teachers and administrators.

Program Options 

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Semester 1 

Course Number Course Title Units
CDEV 53 Child Growth and Development 3
CDEV 150 Orientation to TK-12 Education 3

Total Units: 12 

Semester 2

Course Number Course Title Units
CDEV 71 or 75 Elementary Supervised Field Experience or High School Supervised Field Experience 3
Choose 6 units: CDEV 67, 120, LERN 53A-53D, or PSC 11 & PSC 11L See catalog 6

Total Units: 9

Transfer Options

All area CSU's and private institutions provide transfer continuity. SFSU specifically offers a variety of emphasis areas within the Child and Adolescent Development Dept. for those interested in pursuing careers with children and youth. Future teachers also can major in Liberal Studies, Ethnic Studies and subject area content. USF offers a transfer pathway for CCSF students also. Future credentialed teachers need a BA or BS degree AND a California teaching credential. Local teacher credential programs include: SFSU, USF, SFUSD and other private and public options within the SF Bay Area.

Have questions about transfer? Visit the Transfer Center for help, transfer information, and/or to speak with college representatives.