What to Expect in an Online Class

Online classes are not self-paced. You are required to participate regularly. As with face to face classes, online sections have assignments, quizzes, and exams. It is important for you to meet deadlines, and the class follows the regular semester schedule. The primary difference between online and face to face instruction is that classes take place within a learning management system (LMS). CCSF uses a system called Canvas for most of its online instruction.

Find an Online Class

Online Schedule

Click on the button above to search for an online course.

When you first search the online schedule, you will need first to enter the current term. Then in the Subject and Course Number field, enter the Subject and Course Number and then click in the Online Learning Courses field and select Online Learning. All online learning classes are part of CityOnline. Click the Search button and find your class.

While searching, we recommend you note the CRN (e.g., 78720) and the Subject and Course Number (e.g., ENGL 1A) for the online class you are interested in.

Browse Classes in Public Schedule Search Fields with Online Courses selected to find online classes.


Steps to Success in an Online Class

  • Check to see if you have to email the instructor on the first day of class. Sometimes that is how instructors know that you are truly enrolled.

  • If the class has an orientation, be sure to take it! Some orientations are face to face and failing to attend can cause you to be dropped from the class. To find orientation and meeting specifics, click the link to the instructor's website in the online listing for your class.

  • Check to see if there are mandatory on-campus meetings that might conflict with a face-to-face class that you are in.

  • Be prepared to communicate regularly throughout the semester.

Contacting the Instructor

Find instructors' email addresses through their website link on the Schedule's Online Course Listing or in the Employee Directory.