Technology-based Support and Solutions

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Department supports our campus through the delivery of excellent information technology services to our students, faculty, and staff.

ITS Services


  • Password change, computer issues, software issues, AV issues contact the Help Desk (, 415.239.3711)
  • Self Service Password change for student e-mail:
    • Via myRam:
      • Click Student Portal
      • Click the myProfile link
      • Click the CCSF email/password reset link (left side)
      • Take note of the Default Password
      • Click the Reset Password button
      • Your student e-mail password has now been reset to the Default Password. Use this to gain access to your account and then change your password to whatever you desire.
    • Via RAM ID:
      • Click on "New to RAM ID? Forgot Password?" button
      • Enter RAM ID Username (Student ID number)
      • Choose your “Authentication Type“ and enter requested answer:
        • Challenge Answer, which will use your previously enrolled Challenge Answers.
        • “One-Time Password” (OTP), which will send a message to either your (registered) mobile device or personal email.
      • Once the user’s identity has been verified either by answering Challenge Question or via OTP, the user will be prompted to set a new password.
      • For step-by-step instructions:




  • Cabling Installation and Support
  • Data Center and Systems Services
  • Departmental Computer & Storage Resources (Virtual Machines, Shared Drives, Secure Network Shares)
  • Internet Access (WIFI, Wired)
  • OCI Cloud Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications (Phone, Fax, Emergency Phones)
  • Smart Classroom Technologies
  Project name Project description
1 Starfish replacement Implementation of educational planning tool to help counselors put together curriculum for students.
2 OCI environment optimization Virtual FW upgrade/update, re-architecture of Oracle Cloud environment
3 Inventory of all hardware, software, and licenses managed by ITS Inventory system for all campus IT hardware, software, and licenses maintained by ITS.
4 Practice Directives/Policies AP (admin procedures) and BP (board policies) Review and extract relevant AP's from archive, identify and document corrections
5 SSO, Accounts management, iDAS migration to hosted services - related to Identity as a Service project SSO (single sign on) portal for campus applications
6 MFA rollout Multifactor authentication rollout
7 On-boarding/Off-boarding policies for employees Map out processes, document them, identify points of improvement and automation.
8 Library Lab Ensure all lab computers are running a standard image and look into a printing issue in the lab. Collect requirements to configure all fees collected by Library to go to Bursar's. Identify and analyze requirements for OER completion.
9 Class schedule posting re-make Upgrade web framework. Public Facing Schedule currently requires no authentication. Will also allow easier access to instructor sites that prospective student need to view in relation to online courses.
10 Banner 8 PIN to access payroll docs PIN expires, and employees are not able to access their payroll docs (incl W2). The PIN needs to be replaced with MFA
11 Web sites content re-alignment SA, F&A, Capital Planning and Facilities, and ITS need to move from under HR into their own respective websites
12 Identity as a Service Portal Guard IDaSS Move RAMID to the AWS cloud
13 Migration away from legacy IP addresses (147.144 /16) Migrating to private IP's
14 Core and distribution LAN switches upgrade Refresh with HP/Aruba equipment
15 Eduroam rollout to all campus buildings New wireless SSID rollout
16 OCI performance tuning Re-structure OCI virtual infrastructure to yield cost savings. Portion of initial rollout needs a re-architecture.
17 Google Workspace cleanup Google mandated 95% storage space reduction by 07/2022 (extended now through 01/01/2023). Implement space restrictions/limits for all gmail users, offer storage alternatives, and training for data migration
18 Technology Requests 162 requests received, 30% completed, ongoing
19 EON XR Grant that CCSF/MakerSPHERE Implement MakerSPHERE
20 Student Billing Function Adjustment(s) Students are not billed on-time, some don't pay their bills
21 Desktop/laptop refresh Distribute new laptops and docking stations for employees
22 CoTop - Chancellor's office tax offset program Implementation of Ellucian Collection Agency
23 Campus emergency phones Replace existing blue light phones, install new ones in public areas
24 W2 printing on one page Meet a regulatory requirement on what the electronic/downloadable W2?s should be
25 Banner accounts and permissions queues analysis Remove inactive user accounts from system and from permission queues
26 DR/BC Develop DR/BC (disaster recovery and business continuity) solutions and documentation
27 Servers Infrastructure upgrade On-prem data center virtual infrastructure upgrade
28 Payroll system refresh Collect requirements, organize vendors' demos
29 Technology Standard 3C Complete accreditation Standard 3C write up
30 ITS Emergency Process How does ITS handle emergencies (comm, sequence of events), document, train end users
31 Conlan Hall move Identify services and users that will move, prepare required technology at new destinations
32 Utilities infrastructure standards Develop standards to be used for security cameras, access control, electronic keys, etc.
33 Publish campus printing solution KM (Konica Minolta) is campus de-facto campus standard, need a process and published documentation for printing solution
34 Mission center labs and smart classrooms Install infrastructure and new equipment in labs and classrooms
35 Moving Archive content to Sharepoint Need to decommission Archive pages, working with various content managers
36 Nelnet turned out to be not cost-effective for FinAid refunds Need to implement the old process for issuing FinAid refunds
37 Immediate need for security cameras by Facilities Short-term cameras solution to prevent illegal junk dumping
38 Automate NC students admission application process via Qualtrics form Currently, the forms filled out by students require manual processing to admit students
39 Payroll asked for California pension (baseline process) One staff runs monthly a baseline process, some data isn't getting transferred correctly. The request is to eliminate manual interactions
40 Language line s/w installation Language line is s/w that allows for simultaneous translation
41 Ethos implementation CalWorks requires it, College Virtual Campus Online Education Initiative
42 Ethical Hacking Work with students at CNIT department to orchestrate a hacking event
43 Telephone system upgrade Alcatel equipment upgrade of legacy system
44 Commencement support Getting forums, requirements for day of event
45 Priority registration for athletes and formerly incarcerated students Functional requirement from Enrollment Management
46 Supporting Bookstore move to Smith Hall ATT circuit New store manager signed contract with ATT and needs ITS assistance with connectivity, need to prepare infrastructure for the upcoming move
47 Desktop faxing Convert existing 60 fax lines into virtual fax send/receive
  • 100+ Applications including but not limited to Zoom, SARS, BDM, Adobe Sign, Accutrak, Banner, etc.
  • O365 for Employees (Outlook email, Sharepoint, Teams, Power Automate)
  • Google Workspace for Faculty and Students (Gmail accounts, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Website Support (CMS Editing, Publishing and Compliance)
  • MyCCSF Mobile App
  • Information Security Coordination with City & County and fellow California Community Colleges
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Vulnerability scans and threat protection (Firewalls, IDS)

Account Request Forms

Employee O365 login required

  • Banner and Argos
  • BDM and SARS Anywhere
  • Computer Accounts for Employees and Contractors 
  • Email - Office365 and CCSFMail (Google)
  • VPN (Remote Access)
ITS Standards