Each area develops a number of outcomes based on input from managers and staff within the program area. These are refined through group review and discussion. These outcomes are continually reviewed and refined as necessary based on input from assessment data.

Assessment methods for these outcomes include:

  • Feedback from ITAC (Information Technology Advisory Committee)
  • Feeback from BAG (Banner Advisory Group)
  • College-wide annual satisfaction survey
    A single survey that is shared by and incorporates other administrative service areas.
  • Annual technology survey that goes out to all faculty and staff

Data from these assessments are reviewed and analyzed by department management and staff -- internally and externally through:

  • ITAC and BAG (see above)
  • Regular department meetings
  • Outcome-assessment-specific department meeting

Goal is to develop strategies and methods for improving our services. The best ideas will be scheduled for implementation over the following year and then reassessed through the following year's survey.

Documentation including summaries and highlights of the data, analysis, and implementation plans for improvements as well as timelines and future plans include:

  • This assessment website
  • The annual program review
  • 4-year college-wide technology plan
  • Full data and details on assessments can be accessed through department managers

This process is ongoing in an effort to continually improve the services we offer.