Support for Your Transition from Military Life to CCSF

The CCSF Veterans Educational Services (VETS) Office serves veteran CCSF students with the highest level of support and dedication in order to enhance the successful transition from military life into a chosen field or career through education.

VA Educational Benefits Programs

We work with veterans who have been approved for the following veterans' educational benefits:

  • Post-9/11 GI Bill®* (Ch33)**
  • Vocational Rehabilitation program (Ch31)**
  • Montgomery GI Bill®* (Ch30)**
  • Survivors' and Dependents' Assistance programs (Ch35)**
  • Chapters 1606 (Reservists)**

Learn more about VA Educational Benefits Programs

Checklist for New CCSF Veteran Students

(Using VA Education Benefits)

Priority Registration for NEW veterans will be available upon completion of the New Student Matriculation process outlined below.

 Do not forget to apply for your VA Education Benefits, this can be done on the VA's website. To apply online go to the How do I apply? and follow the instructions in the green drop-down box. After completing the application you will be sent a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) by the VA via mail within  30-days. You can send us a screen-capture (along with the other needed documents) of the last page of the application once you have received your confirmation and eligibility.

New Veterans must follow these steps: 
  1. Application
    • Apply online for admission to CCSF.  You will receive your student ID number within 24 hours. 
    • Complete the steps to activate your CCSF student email. SAVE and remember the password to your student email. Check this email often because you will receive important information to this email, such as your Course Placement Report, VETS Office and Veterans Resource Center announcements, etc... 
    • Apply for Financial Aid (FASFA) if applicable. For more information, visit the Financial Aid office.
  2. Submit ALL Transcripts
    • Official:
      • Have Official transcripts mailed to you (DO NOT OPEN SEALED DOCUMENTS) and bring sealed documents to VETS Office in Cloud Hall, # 333. (Due to COVID-19 please hold off on bringing any documents to the CCSF campus or VETS Office)
      • Have your official transcripts sent to CCSF by your previous college(s)
    • Unofficial (both ways):
      • Domestic Transcript Evaluation: If you have completed college courses at another school, you can request a transcript evaluation to determine if the classes will be accepted by CCSF. A domestic transcript evaluation is used to:
        • Determine how many transfer units CCSF will accept from your other institutions
        • Determine whether classes completed at CCSF and other institutions fulfill general education areas for an Associate in Art (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree
        • The transcript evaluation does not determine prerequisites, major and transfer requirements.
      • Prerequisite Challenge Process:  If you completed the prerequisite course at another college/university, you can challenge the prerequisite by following the instructions:
        • If your prerequisite is English or Math:

          • Submit the College and/or Test Data Form.
          • Attach transcripts showing the completion of English coursework with a "C" or higher and/or Math coursework with a "C-" or higher (the previous college must consider "C-" a passing grade). If you are using a test score to complete the assessment, please attach a copy of your test scores.
        • If your prerequisite is not English or Math:

        • Submit unofficial transcript to the VETS Office along with all documents needed for certification before meeting with a Veterans Academic Counselor.
        • Unofficial transcriptions will be needed for the assessment process in step #3. Email all documents to  
  3. Assessment
    • If you have NOT completed any college/higher education before starting CCSF please complete the HIGH SCHOOL DATA FORM using your high school transcript data to get English/ESL and Math Placement. 
    • If you HAVE completed college units before starting CCSF please complete the College and/or Test Data Form
    • If you have completed prerequisite or corequisite coursework at another college/institute of higher learning before starting CCSF (other than Math or English) please complete the Prerequisite Challenge Form
    • All students will need to submit their official transcripts, but can upload their unofficial transcripts when completing the forms above. For more information, visit the Assessment Center

    • You will need to submit your Course Placement Report to the VETS Office via email along will all documents needed for certification before meeting with a Veterans Academic Counselor.
  4. New Student Veteran Orientation
    • Set aside approximately 45 min to complete the New Student Veteran Online Orientation
    • At the end you will receive a certificate of completion, you will need to submit your New Student Veteran Orientation Certificate of Completion to the VETS Office via email along will all documents needed for certification before meeting with a Veterans Academic Counselor. 
  5. Meet with a Veterans Academic Counselor
    • To schedule an appointment please call the VETS Office at 415-239-3486 or email with the list of documents attached and our VETS Office staff will make you an appointment. List of needed Documents: 
      • DD-214
      • Certificate of Eligibility (COE), which the VA will mail to you. You will also receive an email from the VA stating your eligibility, and acts as your COE before the official document arrives.
      • ALL transcripts (previous college/military) Step #4
      • Course Placement Report 
      • New Student Veteran Orientation Certificate of Completion
    • The VETS office has dedicated counselors to assist you in developing a Student Educational Plan (SEP). You will also complete and sign the Student Responsibility Contract with a counselor. Counselors' availability is limited and subject to change. Please call (415) 239-3486 to confirm dates and times.
  6. Register for Classes
    • After meeting with the academic counselor you will use the Student Education Plan (SEP) to register for your classes. Use your myRAM portal to register, access CANVAS, Financial Aid & scholarship information. 
    • If you need assistance with registering for classes please find more on how to Register for Classes using this link and also connect with use via the Virtual Help Counter. 
  7. Submit Your Veteran Enrollment Certification Request Form ("Green Sheet")
    • Lastly, after completing all the steps you will submit to the VETS Office your signed Veteran Enrollment Certification Request.
    • This lets our School Certifying Officials know that you are requesting to use your VA Education Benefits. We will check that all classes veterans are registered for are on their education plan, because the VA will only pay for coursework that is on this education plan.