Meet With a CCSF Veteran Academic Counselor

If you are planning to use your GI Bill® / VA Educational Benefits at City College of San Francisco, you are required to meet with a CCSF Veterans Academic Counselor.

Meet with a Veterans Academic Counselor

  • To meet with a counselor that specializes in VA Education benefits complete the Veterans Academic Counseling Request

  • At the time of your appointment you will receive a call from a counselor, your caller ID will show as an unknown caller/blocked caller. 

  • The V.E.T.S Office has dedicated counselors to assist you in developing a Student Educational Plan (SEP). You will also complete and sign the Student Responsibility Contract with a counselor. Counselors' availability is limited and subject to change. Please use the VHC to confirm dates and times.

  • Your VETS Office is dedicated to using all available resources and adapting to the everchanging environment. That is why we are now using Microsoft Bookings software to streamline the Veterans Academic Counseling process. Student veterans can schedule an appointment (when times are open) or utilize our Drop-In option to meet with a Veterans Academic Counselor. 

Please email all documents to

  • DD-214
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or 1990 submitted application
  • Transcripts (including any JSTs)