About the Financial Aid Disbursement Process

All Financial Aid Programs disburse on scheduled dates each semester. A student's enrollment and financial aid requirement status can also affect the disbursement date of financial aid funds. Due to this, be prepared to pay upfront for textbooks, supplies, and other educational fees until financial aid eligibility is finalized. 

Financial Aid disbursements are issued to students who have completed all financial aid requirements, are meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress, and are actively participating in enrolled classes for the semester. Please note, late start classes will have delayed disbursements once attendance for a late start class begins.

Academic Year vs Semester Financial Aid Disbursement

When viewing your Financial Aid Award Information on your myRAM Portal, you will notice that your financial aid is listed by Aid Year and also by Term for the Aid Year. Financial aid is offered as an academic year amount that splits evenly between the Fall and Spring semesters. However, depending on your unit enrollment each semester, the amount you receive per semester may vary. Please view the Financial Aid Programs to see the unit requirements for all available financial aid programs.

Additionally, within each semester, some financial aid programs may require a 50% disbursement schedule. Under this schedule, the semester's portion of the financial aid fund is split evenly into two equal disbursements.

Disbursement Calendar

To understand the calendar, see explanations of each section below:

Financial Aid Disbursement Type

This is type of financial aid disbursement that occurs. Please note, disbursements can only occur if all requirements are satisfied. For any requirements completed late, disbursements can occur at a later listed date.

Direct Deposit

This is the date in which you will receive financial aid funds in your bank account, only if you signed filled out a Direct Deposit Form with the Financial Aid Office. This date usually occurs 7 days after a financial aid disbursement.

Check Mailed Out

This is the date in which a paper check of your financial aid funds will be mailed to your Mailing Address on file. This is available to all students who did not fill out a Direct Deposit Form This date usually occurs 10 days after a financial aid disbursement.