DSPS Classes

The DSPS offers both credit and non-credit courses and programs. Many students simultaneously take DSPS classes and mainstream classes--the former sometimes helps students succeed in the latter.

The DSPS also sponsors programs that address the needs of individuals with particular disabilities. Please see the listing of non-credit programs below for examples.

All DSPS classes are open to everyone, with or without a disability. Please contact the DSPS if you have questions about any of these courses.

Summer 2019 Courses

Summer 2019 Non-credit

  • DSPS 4414 Accessible Art/Craft Essential
  • DSPS 4417 Accessible Theater Arts Essential
  • DSPS 4435 Accessible Computer Essentials

Please see the class schedule of DSPS non-credit courses for locations and times.

People with disabilities

Catalog Descriptions

The CCSF Catalog provides brief descriptions of our courses. Not all courses listed in the catalog are offered each semester.

CCSF Catalog for DSPS