Kelly Gleason - Potato

CCSF Cinema alumnus Kelly Gleason on the set of Potato, winner of Best Narrative Short at the 2019 City Shorts Film Festival


Carla Orendorff - CCSF Cinema Student Profile


Kelly Gleason - Potato

Cine 25: Narrative Filmmaking - Eva Khemelinskaya


The Cinema Department is ideally situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is home to one of the country's most vibrant film cultures and traditions. Our program is unique in the breadth of its course offerings, the quality of its instruction, and the accessibility of its equipment. As part of one of the largest, most diverse community colleges in the country, the Cinema Department is an exciting and rewarding place to study film.

The Cinema Department is equipped to fulfill a wide range of professional and academic goals. Production and studies classes include, but are not limited to: cinematography and lighting, screenwriting, directing, producing, editing, sound for motion picture, feature and documentary production, film history, aesthetics and genre/auteur studies. Students work with evolving technologies and state of the art equipment that emphasizes hands-on training and portfolio production. Film studies courses provide a historical view of film in our culture through the examination of aesthetic and technical changes in the medium. The knowledge and experience acquired in the program will prepare students to transfer to an institution of higher learning or pursue their goals in the motion picture industry.