Banner Photo: David Waldorf, CINE 54: Cinematography

Work for the Cinema Department

Job Description (Cinema Department Lab Aide):

Issue room lab aides help faculty members keep accurate records of all department equipment (i.e. cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting equipment, sound equipment) and assist with distributing and receiving equipment to currently enrolled cinema production students. Issue room lab aides also maintain the iMac labs in C125/127 and often assist students with questions pertaining to Adobe CC, Movie Magic (Budgeting, Scheduling), and Final Draft. Please contact Jing Endo at or visit the Issue Room to inquire about available lab aide positions.

To apply for an Issue Room Lab Aide position, please complete the Student Hiring Eligibility Process (SHEP) and print out your “Eligible for Hire” form. Bring the form to the Issue Room, Cloud Hall 126 during business hours. Students are hired based on departmental need and student availability.

To work as a lab aide, you must be a student in the Cinema Department and have completed (or be currently enrolled in):

CINE 24: Basic Film Production 
CINE 25: Narrative Filmmaking
CINE 54: Cinematography & Lighting
CINE 60: Sound for Motion Pictures

Please contact Jing Endo at with any questions about the hiring process.