Television Production, Digital Media, Video Editing and Post-Production, Audio Production and Post -Production 

BEMA prepares students for university transfer and provides lifelong learners and degree holders the opportunity to upgrade workplace skills and prepare for career transition. Graduates either transfer to a university or seek employment in the media industry.

Courses and programs explore the design and creation of engaging content for electronic media.  Our experienced instructors teach the crafts of writing, media analysis, storytelling, and all phases of video, audio, and digital media production.   We collaborate with prominent industry advisers to imbue our programs with the skills and techniques that employers want: teamwork, leadership, production craft skills. 

All courses are credit and degree-applicable and transfer to the CSU and/or UC systems. Some courses transfer as breadth requirements and/or core major requirements to colleges and universities such as San Francisco State University (9 courses), University of California Berkeley (3 courses). Certificate programs are recommended for those seeking to acquire entry-level skills, or upgrade and retool skills, and for lifelong learners preparing for a career transition.

BEMA students have the opportunity to practice their skills in on-site media internships in Broadcast Media Services, and Educational Access Television.  Students also complete external internships at media facilities.