Broadcast Media Services (BMS)
Arts Extension 169, Ocean Campus


As resources allow, Broadcast Media Services provides video production and playback services to over 160 Ocean Campus classrooms and meeting rooms, allowing faculty to focus on teaching and presentations.

Broadcast Media Services provides (see service details below)

  • Video distribution and webcast services
  • Video production and editing
  • Video playback
  • Various equipment deliveries
  • Other services

Note: The process of requesting equipment, including Smart Carts, has changed.
BMS may not be able to accommodate every request and/or requests received with fewer than five (5) business days' notice.

Smart Carts

Smart Carts include a projector, HDMI-HDMI cable, and speakers, but no longer have computers. Instructors need to use either their District-issued or personal laptop.
BMS cannot provide loaner laptops. 

District laptops can be requested via ITS: Information Technology Services (ITS)
Website: | Email:

To request and use a Smart Cart please:

  1. Request delivery services five (5) business days in advance to ensure availability.
    Include: Date, duration, location. (Ocean campus only. Other campuses are not supported)
  2. Have either your District-issued laptop (Dell, WIN) OR...
  3. ...have a personal laptop with you. You will probably need an adapter for Ethernet or display connections. BMS may be able to accommodate instructors who need an adapter, but note we have limited items available. We will gladly recommend where to purchase your own adapters.
  4. Smart Cart usage training is available. Please include the desire for training in your service request. 

BMS Services

CCSF video distribution and webcast services:

  • Recording and Broadcast of content on the internet and through CCSF’s EATV Ch 27 & 75 channels.
  • Recording of public meetings on the internet and through CCSF’s EATV Ch 27 & 75
  • Live captioned webcasts and online searchable webcast archives provided and supported by BMS and EATV Ch 27 & 75

Student Checkout Services

  • Broadcast Electronic Media Arts students check out video or audio equipment for their production class projects.

Video Production and Editing

  • A/V recording and editing of Board of Trustees meetings
  • Graduation recording and streaming services
  • Campus Event productions
  • Teleconferences
  • Art, Dance and Theater productions
  • Project management for video and audio projects
  • Limited off-campus production for departments

Video playback: BMS provides video playback capability via cart with a projector to the following Ocean campus (only) buildings

  • 700 Bungalow’s 700 (*TV VHS/DVD combo only)
  • Arts Extension
  • Batmale Hall
  • Creative Arts
  • Cloud Hall
  • Multi-Use Building (*VHS/DVD combo only - Upgrades forthcoming)
  • Visual Arts

Various Equipment deliveries (only on Ocean campus)

  • Smart Carts
  • Projectors
  • Projector screens
  • Limited cables and/or adapters.

Other Services

  • Off-air recording and video to DVD duplication within copyright guidelines
  • Video viewing gallery and conference room (ArtX 170)
  • Audio systems “overflow” (PA system and mixers in case AV can’t provide service)

BMS Service details

Student Checkout

BEMA students can check out our video or audio gear for BEMA production class projects. Available equipment includes Headphones, DSLR cameras, Boom Mics, Tripods, XLR Cables, Light Kits, and Digital Audio Recorders. BEMA students should stop by the BMS Service window to check out equipment.

Internship Program

BMS hires student interns as lab aides or work study each semester. You will learn about delivery/care/maintenance of various broadcasting-related equipment, and you will gain valuable work experience. Come and join us!

Interns must be registered in the Internship class, BCST 160 and be taking at least 6 units at City College. It helps to be a returning Broadcast or New Media student. Must be detail-oriented, reliable, and prompt, able to run up hill, able to lift/carry 25+ pounds, and willing to learn.

You must be approved through the Student Hiring Eligibility Process (SHEP) prior to applying for any City College student job. For more information, contact or Call 415-239-3525.

Conference Room

Would you like to use our conference room? Call 415-239-3525 or email to check if ArtX 170 is available.

Production Services

Broadcast Media Services offers audio and video production services, including project management, for tele-classes, online classes, and special events and meetings in support of instruction, student services, educational access television, professional development, shared governance, performances, presentations, events and other district activities. Call 415-239-3525 or email

Video and audio production requests must go through Department Chair, Misha Antonich, though you may contact Video Production Assistant Susan Boeckmann who can facilitate communications with the chair. 

Engineering Services

In support of our Operations and Production services, our engineers provide audio and video equipment/system maintenance and technical expertise for BEMA Operations and Production Services. Call 415-239-3525 or email Broadcast Media Services for more information.

Lost and Found

Did you lose something? If you left it on a cart, we might have it! Call us at 415-239-3525 (or we might give your USB to a museum.) Did you leave something in a classroom near our office? Maybe someone turned it into us in ArtX 169 to be placed in our Lost & Found bin. Every six months, we empty the Lost & Found bin and donate the contents.