In response to COVID 19, Media Service employees are sheltering in place and working remotely.  During this period, our services will be limited. please email your requests and we will respond accordingly.  Thank you for your understanding.  

Generally no. However, you may ask your instructor to have her/his department chair speak with our department chair.

No. We are limited to basic cable. Check our program guide at and select Comcast Bay Area.

We do not have the facilities. We are limited to 10 copies, and we can do only two at a time. We suggest that you contact a mass duplication service, such as dvdcopycat or productioncity.

No. Please call A/V for those at 415-452-5411

Ocean Campus only, in these buildings: Cloud, Science, Batemale, Arts, Arts Extension, Visual Arts, Health Center, Bungalows (200’s, 600’s, and 700’s). Conlon, Smith, and Student Union have their own televisions (that we service)

Please place your request through your faculty advisor, who will make your request through our chair, at or 1-415-239-3351

Yes, but the quality won’t be great due to the layout and lighting of the room. Our staff will set up the camera and show you how to press record. When it’s over, Robert or another staff member will come by and collect the camera and give you the media file.

Yes, but our resources are limited.  We schedule productions on a first come first serve basis: Please email your request to . Some rooms are more appropriate for capturing performances.  Please include where, when, what type of performance, (musical, dance, debate, theater, panel, talent show...) how many performers? and audience details.