Electronic locks are being installed as part of the Smart Classroom project. Electronic locks primarily use keycards to operate them.

How to use?

Just "Tap" your keycard to the electronic lock.

  • Position the flat side (either side) of the keycard over the electronic lock above the manufacturer's name (Schlage)
  • Lower the keycard until it makes contact with the electronic lock just below the manufacturer's name (Schlage)
  • Wait for the audible tone (about 1 second) and then remove keycard
  • If all goes well, you should see a green blinking light if you're trying to unlock the door or a red blinking light if you’re trying to lock the door

Keycards are programmed in one of two ways:

  • For Faculty: the keycard would be programmed to "Toggle" the electronic lock between lock and unlock. Each tap of the keycard toggles between locking the door and unlocking the door. Faculty would unlock the door at the beginning of class and lock the door on the way out.
  • For Staff: the keycard would be programmed to "Momentarily Unlock" the electronic lock and then lock itself back after about 6 seconds. Each tap of the keycard would unlock the door only. The electronic lock would reset itself back to lock automatically. With this keycard, doors cannot be set to stay unlocked. It will also not allow a door unlocked with the Faculty keycard to lock.

Keycards can be changed on request.

NOTE: Some doors may be programmed to function a certain way only. In Smart Classrooms with more than one door, typically the second door is programmed to operate in a Momentarily Unlock fashion (e.g. like a Staff keycard).This is true of the "back" door (furthest away from elevators) in Batmale Hall.

How to obtain?

Keycards are created before each semester. For the Fall and Spring semesters, keycards are normally delivered to the Department Chair/Dean for distribution. For the Summer semester, keycards are kept in the ITS office (Batmale Hall 130). Please be prepared to show picture ID.

During the semester, keycards are created on demand. Requests for keycards are made through the Department Chair/Dean via the Help Desk ticketing system. This would be true of lost, stolen, as well as new keycards.

Where are these electronic locks?

Currently, Batmale Hall, Cloud Hall, Creative Arts, and 700 Bungalows. Refer to the Smart Classroom Project website for the current status of Smart Classrooms.

NOTE: Student Heath and Chinatown/North Beach use the same keycards and system, but are not currently tied together and are administratered locally by their respective departments.