Technologies Available to CCSF faculty, Staff and Administrators

Train to use CCSF's online learning management system for web-enhanced and online courses. Watch the VRC Calendar for upcoming specific Canvas trainings. There are also many self-paced Canvas training options.

Missed an OLET Webinar? You can catch up on all of our recent webinars by clicking on CityZoom in the Faculty Resource Center and then selecting the Cloud Recordings tab.

How to Train

  • TLC Workshops - Designed to train CCSF faculty and staff to use available educational technology resources. Watch for announcements from the Faculty Resource Center for upcoming workshops, and check the Faculty Resource Center Calendar for upcoming event information, including the Zoom links for webinars.
  • Custom Training for Departments and Offices - This can take many forms, from organized workshops to short visits for individuals in a department. Contact the Educational Technology Trainer.
  • FLEX Training - The TLC provides technology training during FLEX days, in August, January, and for Classified FLEX (when requested). Please see your FLEX booklet put out by the Office of Professional Development to view flex training.
  • Online Training - Use the Vision Resource Center to learn about almost anything technology related through Linked-in Learning ( Select from thousands of online courses.

Educational Technology Resources

Interested in Offering a Workshop?

Interested in working with the TLC to offer a workshop on an educational technology software tool that enhances the teaching and learning experience? The Ed Tech Department offers small grants for CCSF faculty interested in sharing their knowledge about educational technology software and hardware to the CCSF community. Contact Alex Hosmer at