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Canvas is CCSF’s ONLINE LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Canvas provides an online space for students to access course materials, communicate, and submit work. Learn how to utilize Canvas in your classroom to support student success by attending a training!

How do I Train?

There are a variety of training options for faculty which include face-to-face workshops, one-on-one help, webinars, video tutorials, and self-paced training options. Get started with the following online training options:

  • We are currently offering weekly webinars focused on using Canvas for Remote Learning. Learn more by visiting to Onliner Lounge or Faculty Resource Center in Canvas.
  • TLC Canvas Training Course - an extended self-training course. Serves as a great in-depth training for Canvas.
  • offers a 2-hour video based course. To access this training, you will need to log into the Vision Resource Center (VRC). If you haven't yet used the VRC, Log into the MyCCSF Login Portal (RAM ID Portal) and click on the VRC tile. Click on the Browse Training button and search for Canvas 2019. The course is called Learning Canvas (2019). Click on the course and click the Launch Button. If you have trouble launching the training, be sure to allow pop up windows in your browser then try launching the training again.
  • Sign up for a class with @ONE. Their free Intro to Teaching with Canvas is available in both self-paced and facilitated formats. These classes have filled very quickly due to all community colleges using Canvas for remote instruction.