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Canvas is CCSF’s ONLINE LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Canvas provides an online space for students to access course materials, communicate, and submit work. Learn how to utilize Canvas in your classroom to support student success by attending a training!

How do I Train?

There are a variety of training options for faculty which include live webinars, video tutorials, self-paced training options, and one-on-one help. Get started with the following online training options:

  • We offer weekly webinars focused on using Canvas for Remote Learning. Learn more by visiting the Faculty Resource Center in Canvas.
  • Temporary Distance Learning Training (TDLT) is a facilitated training that takes approximately 8 hours to complete over the course of 8-10 days. Your department chair will provide you with a form to submit to gain access to the training. Faculty must have a current or future teaching assignment and a CCSF login to participate.
  • Sign up for a class with @ONE. Their free Intro to Teaching with Canvas is available in both self-paced and facilitated formats.