Resources and Communication

Faculty Resource Center

Visit the Faculty Resource Center for resources to help instructors use Canvas, including an FAQ about important Canvas dates for current and future semesters. Only faculty teaching at CCSF have access to the Resource Center. 

Onliner Lounge

Specific information for faculty teaching online classes is found in the Online Lounge located in Canvas. Only trained online faculty teaching at CCSF have access to the Onliner Lounge


Communication from the Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology to faculty teaching online classes is done via the onliners list-serv and the Onliner Lounge (see below). Emails include information such as class loads, Insight, roll-over specifics, etc. Only faculty who are teaching online are included in the list-serv.

Teaching Additional Online Courses

CCSF faculty may be required to complete additional online training if they are planning to teach a brand new/never taught online class at CCSF.  See Prospective Online Faculty to learn more about application cycle dates. 

About Advanced Online Teaching and Learning (AOTL)

The AOTL is the second training required for faculty who are planning to teach a brand new online class at CCSF. 

How much work is in the AOTL?

The AOTL includes several checkpoints that faculty must complete in order to pass. AOTL is NOT a self-paced, enter anytime course. The training is closely facilitated by the Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology. 

Some of the checkpoints might include updating the instructor website, completing accessibility courses, updating a DEA, submitting at least one module of content to be reviewed using the OEI rubric, meeting with course facilitators, and attending a final course review. 

How do faculty get into the AOTL? 

Faculty must complete the application/form to teach online, get recommended by the Distance Learning Advisory Committee (DLAC), and get awarded a training spot by the Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology.

Class Information

  • Online Classes 
    • All regular start full semester online classes will open on the first day of the scheduled start date for that class. Students are responsible for checking their instructor's website for important class details. Links to instructor websites can be found in the Class Schedule.
  • Adding Students to Canvas
    • Registered students are added to their online classes automatically. Contact the Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology Department if you find discrepancies between your class list and your online class enrollment. Note: Students on waiting lists are not added to the Canvas course. 
  • Late-start Classes
    • Students will be added to late-start classes with the initial upload on the first day of regular-start classes. Adds/drops will be done throughout the semester.

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