Support and Resources for CCSF Student Veterans, Your families, and the Community


Welcome to the City College of San Francisco Veterans Resource Center (VRC), we are located on the main Ocean Campus in Cloud Hall room 332 (next door to the VETS Office)


Our VRC serves as a student space on campus for Veterans, dependents, active duty or reserve service members and all students to build a meaningful community while committing to a common goal, excel and succeed in the Higher Education arena. We provide space for a student group(s) to meet, quite study space, and 10 desktop computers with access to the internet and WiFi. We also have a microwave, refrigerator, snack bar and lots of COFFEE. 


In our VRC you will meet out staff and VA Work-Study student veterans who help answer any question and can direct you to on or off campus resources quickly. 

Upcoming Events and VHC Guest and Workshops
Spring 2020 Speaker Series
Virtual Help Counter
The Student Veteran Health Program will be joining us on:
- September 3rd from 0900 - 1030
- September 8th from 0900 - 1100
- September 15th from 1000 - 1100
- September 17th from 0900 - 1100

About the Founder

Mr. Newman devoted a lifetime to championing a variety of civic and cultural causes in San Francisco and played a vital, yet unsung role in such developments as the "TransAmerica Pyramid" and "Mission Bay". In 2009 he received Frances' highest civilian honor for his role as a U.S. Army captain in the Allied invasion of Normandy. He was an Army infantry captain who was awarded a Purple Heart after he survived being shot in the chest on Aug. 1, 1944, while leading his troops into Normandy. On the 65th anniversary of D-Day, he returned to France to accept the Chevalier of the National Order of the Legion of Honor, that country's highest civilian honor. He believed that "education is the key to employment, success and prosperity." He and his wife Ellen brought some of San Francisco's leading corporations and philanthropists to help raise the money necessary for City College to improve lives and the economy of California. He became the first member and Nominations Chair of the new Foundation of City College of San Francisco in 2002. Since then the Foundation has raised over 23 million dollars and dispersed 5,000 scholarships to City College students. He was able to get labor unions to donate their time and all the materials for two classrooms the Veterans Resource Center & Veterans Counseling Department on the Ocean campus. His calls to several Foundations got computer systems donated for the Center as well as raised about $50,000 and made the campus Veteran Center the place it is today. Today over 1500 Veterans are using the center. It is with great pride that the Trustees and community of City College celebrated the naming of the Walter Newman Veterans' Resource Center.