Support and Resources for CCSF Student Veterans, Your families, and the Community

Welcome to the City College of San Francisco Veterans Resource Center (VRC), we are located on the main Ocean Campus in Cloud Hall room 332 (next door to the VETS Office)


Our VRC serves as a student space on campus for Veterans, dependents, active duty or reserve service members, and all students to build a meaningful community while committing to a common goal, excel, and succeed in the Higher Education arena.


By providing a space for student group(s) to meet, a quiet study space, a computer lab with 10 desktop computers (access to the internet and Wi-Fi) microwave & refrigerator, a snack bar, and lots of COFFEE we contribute to CCSF student veterans journey of academic success. In our VRC you will meet our staff and VA Work-Study student veterans who help answer any question and can direct you to on or off-campus resources quickly. 


We aspire to be the foundational starting point our student Veterans use as they grow and become professional learners. 

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Veterans Alliance Club Start-Up Meetings

Student Fees Explanation

Voluntary(Please visit Admissions Virtual Counter for waiver)

This fees will not be payed by the VA.

Student Activity Fee = $7

Student Representative Fee = $2

Voluntary Student Activity Fee is $7.00 Voluntary Student Representative Fee = $2.00

Page 18 of school Catalog 2021-2022

Admission to the College (

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CCSF Important Dates

Semester Calendars & Priority Registration Groups/Date

Veterans will receive Priority Registration once they have finished these four (4) steps: 

  1. Submit DD-214
  2. Completed the Assessment "self" placement (THIS IS NOT A PLACEMENT TEST) see step # 3 
  3. New Student Veteran Online Orientation see step # 4 
  4. Meet with a Veterans Academic Counselor (VAC) to develop Student Education Plan see step # 5  
    • Understanding your student veteran registration and benefits status at CCSF



    • Workstudy Recruitment Flyer
    • Out of State Students Flyer
    • Out of State Waiver Flyer
    • Meeting Basic Needs Flyer
    • Free dental x-rays by the dental assisting students at CCSF
    • Basic Needs Infographic
    • EOPS@CCSF Flyer



    • How to update or change your major on myRam





    City College is implementing a COVID safety campaign for in-person classes and services. Students will need to submit proof of vaccination, or request an exemption from this requirement, before registering for in-person Spring 2022 classes. No proof is needed for online or remote classes. You can read more about this requirement and how to submit proof of vaccination or request exemption here: 

    Employees and students can report vaccine status here: 

    Temporary Change to Our Services

    During CCSF’s period of closed campus access, the VETS Office and Veterans Resource Center are not conducting business in person. Please use our Remote Services/Online Virtual Help Counters (via zoom) during this time.

    Below are a few great links to resources that we can all benefit from:

    Dear Disability Community Members:  

    Thanks to a generous one-time grant from Citi Community Partnerships and Empowered Cities, the Mayor's Office on Disability, Disability and Aging Services and our partners at Thriving in Place are happy to announce that as part of our COVID-19 response and based on requests from people with disabilities, Personal Protective equipment (PPE) is now available for all San Francisco residents with disabilities who do not have immediate access to PPE through another San Francisco City and County program or service.

    This PPE is available at no charge on a first come, first served basis.  Residents with disabilities may select desired PPE in kit form, although some items like gloves and glove sizes, may be selected individually. 

    Orders for PPE may be placed starting Monday, July 13 by visiting or by calling 415-593-8113.  Detailed information is embedded as text below.

    Please help us spread the word, so that we may reach as many residents with disabilities as possible. Please read below for more information. 

    Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Available for San Francisco Residents with Disabilities

    These supplies are intended for people with disabilities who are residents of San Francisco who do not currently have reliable access to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and are in need.  These supplies are being provided via one-time grant funding at no cost to residents with disabilities.


    This PPE is prioritized for residents with disabilities who are not IHSS recipients or receiving PPE support from another nonprofit provider, IHSS or an SF City Department. If you are currently receiving PPE from another non-profit agency, IHSS or an SF City department, please continue to work with that agency so we can ensure these supplies go to those who are not connected and who need them most.  


    • Standard PPE Kits: 100 gloves, 5 N95 masks
    • Standard PPE Kits for Deaf or Hard of Hearing: 100 gloves, 24 Clear masks, 25 clear face shields
    • COVID-19 Positive PPE Kits: 100 gloves, 5 N95 masks, 5 gowns, and 25 clear face shields
    • COVID-19 Positive PPE Kits for Deaf or Hard of Hearing: 100 gloves, 24 Clear masks, 5 gowns, and 25 clear face shields


    1. Visit the following website:
    2. Fill out an online form which includes:
      • Selecting your PPE kit type
      • Choosing a day that you or a friend/family member can pick up your kit
    3. Arrive during your chosen time slot for a safe pick-up.   Kits can be picked up in the lobby of 832 Folsom St (between 4th and 5th St), San Francisco

    If you do not have access to the internet:

    1. Call the following number:  415-593-8113
    2. A volunteer will call you back to place an order including:
      • Selecting your PPE kit type
      • Confirming a day that you or a friend/family member can pick up your kit
    3. Arrive during your chosen time slot for a safe pick-up. Kits can be picked up in the lobby of 832 Folsom St (between 4th and 5th St), San Francisco

    NOTE: If you or a representative are unable to pick-up your kit, delivery will be an option.

    This resource list is a living and evolving document. We will review the resource list every semester to assure it is as up to date as possible. Please feel free to send us an email with any updates you notice as you review the list.

    CCSF Veterans Services Resource Guide

    Mission of the VETS Office
    The mission of the CCSF Veterans Educational Services (VETS) Office is to serve veteran students with the highest level of support and dedication in order to enhance the successful transition from military life into a chosen field or career through education.

    Q1: How do I apply for my Veteran Educational Benefits?
    Apply on-line at, or Please download a copy of your completed application and bring it to Cloud 333 along with your DD214 and other needed documents to start a file at the CCSF Veterans Education Transitional Services (VETS) Office.

    Q2: Where can I file a claim for service connected or other VA benefits?

    Q3: Where do I Apply online for admission to CCSF?

    Q4: What documentation do I need to provide to apply for my Veteran Educational Benefits?
    All recipients who have completed courses at other post-secondary institutions MUST submit official transcripts from those schools. All Air Force veterans will need to also bring in an official copy of their transcript from the Community College of the Air Force.

    Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill®
    Application form 1990 and a copy of your DD 214 (member 4 copy) that indicates an honorable discharge and a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility (or copy of completed application until your COE arrives).

    Chapter 33, Post 9/11 GI Bill®
    Students are required to bring in a Member 4 copy of their DD 214, indicating an honorable discharge and their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) (or copy of completed application until the COE arrives).

    Chapter 35, Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA)
    Spouses need to submit a copy of their marriage certificate. Dependent children need to provide a copy of their birth certificate and a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility with the full VA File Number as issued to the student from the VA.

    Chapter 1606 Selected Reserve
    Students are required to bring in a “Notice of Basic Eligibility” (NOBE) that can be obtained from their Reserve or National Guard unit. They must be signed up for a six-year commitment and a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility.

    Q5: Do veterans receive priority registration?
    YES! Veterans receive priority registration. You do not have to be using VA education benefits, but veterans do NEED to submit a copy of their DD-214 and complete the matriculation process: 1) Complete Assessment, 2) Complete the New Student Veteran Online Orientation, 3) Meet with a Veterans Academic Counselor, in order to receive this priority registration for veterans.

    Q6: How long does it take for an application to be processed by the VA?
    Once an application for educational benefits is sent to the Department of Veterans Affairs Processing Center it usually takes four to six weeks before the certificate of eligibility is sent to the student. The certificate of eligibility needs to be brought into the CCSF VETS Office as soon as it is received by the student.

    Q7: How long does it take for an application to be processed by the School Certifying Official?
    Generally speaking, for new students and returning students it can take between four and five weeks. It is best practice if returning students submit their “green sheet” as soon as the veterans receive their priority registration date.

    Q8: Are ALL City College courses certifiable for educational benefits?
    No! Before a student can receive payment for the educational benefit, they must meet with the CCSF Academic Counselor who specializes in VA education benefits and establish an educational plan based on their educational goal (such as transfer to a university, associate degree or certificate program). Only courses required for these programs are certifiable for VA educational benefits. This process will be explained in detail during your counseling meeting.

    Q9: How long does it take to get payment for educational benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs?
    After all of the admissions and application steps have been completed as mentioned above and you have requested certification, the VA can take between six and eight weeks to process a payment. (Depending on the time of year, processing time may vary).

    Q10: Do I need to request for certification every semester?
    YES! Students are responsible for requesting certification EACH semester VA education benefits plan on being used, this does not happen automatically.

    Q11: Will I receive recertification if I fall below a 2.0 GPA?
    The VA requires that veterans or depends using VA education benefits to maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher. Generally speaking, if a student veteran falls below a 2.0 GPA at CCSF they will have a HOLD on their account and not able to register for the following semester and are REQUIRED to sign a document with their Veterans Academic Counselor, referred to as a “GPA Letter” in order to be recertified for the following academic semester.