Schedule an Appointment

Note: There are no counselors available from May 26th-May 31st.

Appointments can be easily made through one of the below methods:

  1. Book a phone appointment online (eSARS): All appointments will take place by phone during this time.
    • 30-minute appointment for:
      • New Student Initial Education plan
      • One Semester plan
      • Follow up with a counselor
    • For all other services, please complete the Request a Counseling Appointment form 
  2. Request a Counseling Appointment form: Zoom, phone, or email appointments available. Staff will respond to you within one to two business days.
    • 30 to 60-minute appointments:
      • Comprehensive Education plan (available only during Spring and Fall semesters)
      • Graduation petition
      • Transcript Evaluation
      • Academic Probation
      • Academic Renewal
      • New Student Initial Education plan, One Semester plan, and Follow up with a counselor
  3. Virtual Help Counter: Drop-in Counseling is available via Virtual Help Counter zoom. This is appropriate for short questions and information, referral to campus and community services, and emergency problem-solving. Drop-in counseling is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sessions are 10 to 15 minutes long, with the currently available counselor. 


  • Students using VA benefits please go to the VETERANS Virtual Counter or submit a VETS Counseling Request for an appointment to see a Veteran counselor otherwise, you will not receive benefits.
  • Students requesting DSPS educational accommodation and support services, please contact the DSPS office.

For all other questions, please send an email to