Completion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Assist with the certificate/degree* petition process and referral to resources
  • Provide guidance with the Degree Works system (program audit and education plan)
  • Identify and support students who have completed a program or are close to completion, but have not petitioned
  • Send early alert messages to students with a substandard midterm grade, offer support resources for successful completion
  • Participate in Student Success Teams to share information about various programs and assist with completion resources
  • Engage in technology projects to remove systemic barriers, improve educational planning, and increase student success and completion

*note: the Associate Degree petition requires meeting with an academic counselor

There are several types of completion:

  • Completion of a credit certificate
  • Completion of a noncredit certificate
  • Completion of an Associate Degree
  • Completion of transfer to a 4-year university 

No, getting a certificate or a degree is not automatic. When you start your final semester and are enrolled in the final courses required for the program, you have to petition for the certificate and/or the Associate Degree. The Completion Center can support you with the petition process. 

If you need help with filling out the petition forms, please contact the Completion Center for assistance. 

Please schedule an appointment with an academic counselor to fill out the appropriate Associate Degree petition form, which requires a counselor's review and signature. 

Degree Works is a web-based education plan and degree audit system to guide students in their education journey. This tool helps students and counselors create an education plan and monitor students' progress toward program completion. 

Degree Works is not a substitution for consultation with a counselor. It is important for students to still meet with a counselor for educational planning and career exploration. 

If you need help with navigating the Degree Works system, please contact the Completion Center for assistance.