City College of San Francisco offers an extensive schedule of the day, evening, and weekend noncredit classes. Enrollment procedures for these may vary depending on the type of course and the location of the class. You may complete a noncredit admissions application online. Placement assessment, orientation, and counseling are required for many noncredit courses.

Steps to Becoming a Non-Credit Student

One Easy Step to Become a Noncredit Student

What is Non-Credit ESL, and who is Eligible?

If a student wants to improve their English language skills and does not need or want college credits, CCSF offers free non-credit ESL classes to adults in the community to:

  • Anyone who is 18 years of age or older
  • A minor who may benefit from instruction and has permission from both the local high school and a parent/guardian.

These courses prepare students to function effectively in their daily lives as community members and participants in the workforce. The courses also prepare students to transition to college or technical career training.

We offer free services at our various CCSF Center locations. Please feel free to visit the following Centers that offer Noncredit classes: