TAB: Transfer Articulation Bridge - an agreement between San Francisco State University and CCSF to provide SFSU courses at CCSF. Current SFSU courses offered at CCSF include ISED 585, ED 600, ISED 201. Students are encouraged to enroll in these courses while at CCSF.

CAD: Child & Adolescent Development Program at SFSU. Currently provides SFSU CAD courses at a reduced price on the CCSF campus, including CAD 300.

CLAD: Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development Credential The CLAD foreign language requirement may be met in a number of ways, including 2 semesters (6 units) of the same foreign language in college, 3 years of same high school language, foreign language competency, etc. Contact a credential office for further details.

BCLAD: Bilingual Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development Credential. Bilingual language competency can be assessed in a number of ways. Contact a credential office for details.

CSET: Multiple Subjects Test / California Subject Examination for Teachers

CBEST: California Basic Education Skills Test - recommended to be taken while at CCSF

CTC: Commission on Teacher Credentialing

RICA: Reading Instruction Competency Assessment

CSU: California State University

UC: University of California CTE Career Technical Education (formerly know in California as Vocational Education)