The Teacher Prep Center offers information, resources, and advice for students interested in teaching as a career. Drop in to ask a question or to set up an appointment with a counselor!

We Can Help You With:

  • Information & resources on obtaining a teaching credential in California.
  • Details on Bay Area colleges & universities that offer credential programs including San Francisco State University.
  • Suggested pathways for transfer credential candidates and suggested general education coursework to complete while at City College of San Francisco.
  • Seminars and presentations on selected topics.
  • Linkages with other campus resources including, Financial Aid, Counseling, Career Center, PDP/Early Childhood Career Resource Center, California Early Childhood Mentor Teacher Program, EOPS, San Francisco State University Credential Programs & Transfer Articulation Bridge Programs, ROP, School - to - Career Pathways, Mission Science Workshop & the Math & Science Teacher Recruitment Project
  • Coursework offered in partnership with San Francisco Unified School District Elementary Schools: the Teacher Career Pathway at Lincoln High Schools and San Francisco State University.
  • Information on opportunities to explore the teaching profession including, Americorps service in SFUSD elementary schools, field experience courses, tutoring, service learning & mentoring opportunities, work experience, paid and volunteer opportunities to work with children, teacher preparation and child development coursework.
  • Financial aid resources and incentive information available on the following resources: SFUSD Paraprofessional Training Program, Child Development Training Consortium Grant Program, CAL Grants including CAL Grant T, Student Aid Commission Grants, TEACH, CTC Teaching Credential Program, CCSF Financial Aid, CCSF EOPS.