Prerequisite Challenge Process


City College has established prerequisites and corequisites to ensure that students have the skill level necessary to succeed in a course. To challenge a prerequisite, follow these steps:



1.    Attain a transcript that shows the related course taken at another college and in which you received a "C" or higher grade.

2.   Find the course description from the other college's catalog (usually available on the college website)

3.    Download and fill out a  Prerequisite Challenge Form  (if the prerequisite is not an English or Math course).

4.     Deliver or send via postal service or email attachment to the Department office the following materials:

        a.     Prerequisite Challenge form (please make sure you sign the form)

        b.     Transcript from other college

        c.     Copy of the other college's course description 

5.      If the challenge is approved, either request that the Department Chair send a copy of the decision to the Office of Matriculation to allow enrollment in the course or ensure that you get the materials to the Office of Matriculation in one of the following ways:

        a.     Email your documents to

        b.     Fax your documents to (415) 452-5127

        c.     Bring your documents to the Matriculation Office (Monday-Thursday 8-5 and Friday 8-2:30), Conlan Hall room 204.

        d.    Mail documents to: Matriculation Office, 50 Phelan Ave. E204, San Francisco, CA 94112

6.     If approved, your registration will be unblocked within 5 working days.



  • If your prerequisite is English or Math click here
  • If your prerequisite is a Foreign Language please follow this link
  • If your prerequisite is for Economics please follow this link