CCSFmail FAQ for Students

CCSFmail is the official student email account used at the City College of San Francisco.

City College of San Francisco automatically creates CCSFmail accounts for all students. Beginning November 1, 2012 all official CCSF communications will be sent to this account and not to any other email accounts.

The benefits of CCSFmail to students are:

  • A lifetime email address, a reliable, secure email service, and a powerful anti-spam service
  • 7 GB of storage space
  • Useful collaboration tools such as Google Docs, and web-based tools such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Access to calendaring, tasks, and scheduling features
  • The .edu address entitles you to educational discounts to software, etc.

Help Desk Hours

24 hours per day
7 days a week
365 days a year

On Campus dial 611 or 3711
Off Campus (415) 239-3711
Toll Free (844) 693-HELP (4357)

College Use of Email

Email shall be considered the primary mechanism for delivering official communication by CCSF to students. The College retains the right to send official communication via email to the official CCSFmail email addresses of students with the full expectation that those communications will be received and read in a timely fashion.

It is recognized that certain communications may be time-sensitive, and therefore, students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with College communications. Although you can easily forward your CCSFmail to another account (see below), forwarding is not always reliable. The best way to ensure that you get all your CCSF email is to actively use your CCSFmail account. It's yours for life.

Official CCSF communications contain information that students must have in order to conduct business with the College and for which they will be held accountable. Examples of official communication can include, but are not limited to:

  • Web registration date
  • Testing and pre-requisite information
  • Financial Aid information
  • Online class access
  • Knowledge of information mandated by federal, state or local laws
  • Library materials reminders
  • Faculty communication to students

Faculty Use of Email

Email shall be considered an appropriate means for official communication by faculty with students. As such, faculty can require students to check their CCSFmail email on a specific and/or regular schedule.

Student Use of email

Once a student receives a CCSFmail email account, all official communication from the College shall be directed to that account. Students are expected to check their CCSF email account on a frequent and consistent basis.

Forwarding Email

Students who choose to have their CCSFmail email forwarded to a private, unofficial email address (e.g.,,, etc.) that is outside the college network address ( do so at their own risk. The College is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the proper or timely transmission or access of email forwarded to any unofficial e-mail address.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my CCSFmail account and address?

City College automatically creates an email address for you when you apply.

You get two messages sent to the email address you supplied City College on your application.

  • The first message contains your CCSFmail address and the URL used to access mail.
  • The second email contains the initial password for your CCSFmail account.

How can I find my  CCSFmail address?

There are two ways to find out your CCSFmail address:

1: Look at the emails sent to the email address you supplied City College on your application.

2: Open the CCSF web site and click MyCCSF:

  • Under the For Students column, click Web4 and log on (This is the same system WebStars uses for registration into classes).
  • Go to the Personal Information page. Your CCSFmail address will be displayed along with the initial password.

How do I login to my  CCSFmail account?

  1. Open a web browser (such as IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome). Use this URL:
    You will be asked for your Username and password.
  2. You can also get to your email logon page from the main CCSF webpage:
    Click on My CCSF
    Look under For Students. Scroll down to the bottom and click on GMail (CCSF Google email).


What do I have to do the first time I access my  CCSFmail?

The first time you access your CCSFmail account, you have to choose a password.
Please enter the password twice, once in the Choose a password box and then in the Re-enter password box.

  1. If you want the menus displayed in a language other than English, select the language you want.
  2. Finally, type in the characters you see in the box
  3. If you agree with the terms and conditions of usage, press I Accept.
  4. Click the Create my Account button and you can begin using your CCSFmail account.
  5. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, press the Cancel button and an email account will not be created for you.

I can’t remember my password, how do I reset it?

If you are unable to remember your password, contact the 24 hour Help Desk.

Why do I need another email address?

Your CCSFmail account is where the college will send all your official City College email: registration dates and details, announcements, etc. It is important that you read these email.

Also as more features become available you will be able to use the various applications, called Google Apps, attached to the start page.

How can I forward CCSFmail to another email address?

The best way to ensure that you receive all CCSF communications is to use your CCSFmail. Because forwarding email is not reliable, CCSF does not recommend it. If you choose to forward, making sure that you receive and read all CCSF messages is your responsibility. If you want to go ahead with forwarding, here's how:

Online instructions

Printable PDF instructions

I deleted a mail message. Can it be recovered?

No, once a mail message is deleted, we are unable to recover it.

Is there a Service Desk number to call for help?

Yes, call 239-3711, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Email help is available at


Opening Setting from the Gear icon

How do I change my password?

In order to change your password you must:

  • Logon to your CCSFmail account
  • Click the Gear icon (top right)
  • Click on the Settings link
  • Select the Accounts tab
  • Click the Google Account Settings link
  • On the far left, click the Security link
  • Click the Change Password link
  • Follow the instructions: Password must contain at least six characters, of which at least one must be a number.
  • Click Save or your changes won't stick!