Help Desk Hours

24 hours per day
7 days a week
365 days a year

On Campus dial 611 or 3711
Off Campus (415) 239-3711
Toll Free (844) 693-HELP (4357)


To Connect to CCSF Staff or CCSF Student:

Note: The following instructions are for a Laptop running Windows. For your particular mobile device, you will need to read the device manual for instructions on how to connect to a WiFi network.

1. To verify that your account has been established, go to any CCSF Staff or CCSF Student Hotspot, then click on your computer’s Wireless Network Connections icon in the lower right corner of your laptop’s screen.

2. Click on your mobile device's "Wireless Network Connection" icon and choose "CCSF Staff or CCSF Student."


3. When asked for “Network WPA (or WEP) Key,” enter “freewireless4all,” then click “Connect” (“OK” or “Join” for Mac & iPhone/iPad). This step is only required once, however, if you are using an Apple products, you may be asked for a Password again – enter “freewireless4all” again. You will now be connected to CCSF Staff or CCSF Student.

Wifi SIgn Up 4

4. Open your Internet Browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.), and enter any URL (i.e.,,,, etc.). You will see the CCSF Staff or CCSF Student Welcome page, where you will need to enter the “Username” ( it is case sensitive - lower or upper case "w / W" will make a big difference, so remember how you signed up online ) and “Password” when you created your account. After entering your correct Login Credentials, you will then have wireless internet connection – congratulations and enjoy!

wifi landing

Your username is your RAM ID. For students this is your student number, for employees this is your network login ID.  

Your password is whatever you have selected during when claiming or managing your RAM ID.