CCSF's Improved Email System

Microsoft Office 365

On November 15th, CCSF's Board of Trustee approved the change of City College of San Francisco's (CCSF) employee email service provider – replacing Novell GroupWise with Microsoft Office365.

The new email system will provide several benefits to the college (including great costs savings) and to employees with several improved communication and organizational functionalities.

Our primary objective is to help you make a smooth transition to this new and better email system with minimal disruption. ITS is offering several resources to assist CCSF users transition from GroupWise to Microsoft Office 365, including helping users to examine and explore various methods for backing up and transferring existing emails from GroupWise to the new system.

Be one of the first to learn the new email system by attending a workshop! Email for information about the next Office 365 Email Workshop.




Why do we need a new email system?

CCSF's old email system (GroupWise) was costly and did not provide as much functionality as Office 365 - which is 100% free for the District.


Why did CCSF choose Microsoft 365 (as opposed to Gmail)?

CCSF's technology advisory groups and members of the ITS staff were presented with demonstations from Microsoft and Google. The group voted to go with Office 365 because of the number of features and tools that will help District staff better communicate.  We would have liked to invited all CCSF employees to participate in the selection process, but we were under time pressure to make a decision and could not accomodate each individual CCSF email user.


Will my old email be saved / transferred to the new system?

Yes and No. Your historical emails will remain in Groupwise - THEY ARE NOT TRANSFERRED to your new Office 365 account. However, we'll tell you how to can forward them to your new Office 365 account.


How difficult / different is the new system compared to GroupWise?

It's very easy to use! Office 365 uses the same general interface you have come to know via using other Office products, such as Word or Excel.


Can I access my CCSF email from my mobile device?

Yes! Contact Robert Lam ( for information about "drop-in" sessions where you can learn to connect to your CCSF Office 365 account from your mobile device.


Can I access Outlook / Microsoft 365 from home?

Absolutely! You can still access your CCSF email account from home or anywhere you have internet connection.


Will my CCSF email address remain the same?

Yes! You will still have the exaxt same CCSF email address that you currently have.


Are there differences between Outlook on my Desktop and Outlook / Microsoft 365 online?

There are a few differences. The desktop version of Outlook does provide a few more features than the web-based version, but generally speaking you will be able to do all the same things on either version.


How can I learn how to use the new system?

ITS will host a number of workshops to help you learn the new email system. Contact Robert Lam ( for specific information.




Learn How to Use Microsoft Office 365!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Sending and Receiving Email

How to Send and Read Emails

  • Write and send email
  • Attach files to an email
  • Read and reply to messages
  • Save messages


Desktop Outlook 2010 Out-of-Office Rule

  • Create Out of Office Auto-reply for your 2010 desktop version of Outlook


Calendar Appointments and Events

Outlook 2010 Calendar

  • View your schedule
  • Organizing your calendar
  • Request a Meeting
  • Set an Appoinment



Video Tutorials

Getting Started

You may need to install Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight to view videos. To install these applications, click on the link above and follow the directions. Video instructions provided by Micorsoft.


Desktop Outlook Application:  Video: Take a tour of Outlook 2010

Web-based Outlook Application: Use email and more in Office 365


How to Send an Email (with and without attachments)

  • Write and send email
  • Attach files to an email


How to Read and Save an Email

  • Read and reply to messages
  • Save messages
  • Create folders and organize your mail box
  • Create a meeting request
  • Preview attachments


How to Print and Set Outlook Options

  • Print messages
  • Outlook account settings
  • Set automatic reply message
  • Mailbox cleanup
  • More Outlook Options


Outlook Calendar

  • View your schedule
  • Organizing your calendar


Search and Find Items in Outlook 2010

  • Search items
  • Search tabs


I Still Need Help!

For technical issues and questions (such as lost passwords, email not arriving, etc.), call the CCSF HelpDesk at 3711.