Google Mail links

The Basics

Logging in to CCSFmail instructions [pdf]

Since CCSFmail is a branded version of Gmail, the help links deal explilcitly with Gmail features.

Two Getting Started guides:

A series of videos demoing how to use the basic Gmail features. Be sure to click the arrow, bottom right, to progress through the pages.

Explanations of basic email functions in Gmail with links to further help on:

  • Organizing and sorting your mail
  • Searching
  • Contacts and Chat features.
  • Also hints on helpful ways to use Gmail.
Other features:

archive button

Archiving and storage

Storage capacity:  From Google Help—“Gmail offers more than 7 GB of free storage for your messages and attachments, and we're adding more space as fast as we can. Your storage use is based on the size of all of the messages and attachments in your mail, including those in Spam and Trash. You can check how much space you're using and your storage limit at the bottom of any Gmail page.”

Archiving When you click the Archive Button (top left of your mailbox or individual email) the selected messages disappear from your mailbox. If you have labeled the message, it can be found under that label. If you haven't, you must open All Mail to find it again. (All Mail is under the pulldown above Contacts on your left-hand sidebar.)



Menu under the reply pulldown

Forwarding, Printing a message....

While you are reading a message, you'll notice the Reply button, top right. Under it lurks many capabilities. This is where you  go to forward or print an individual message for example.

To forward all CCSF Gmail mail automatically, the process involves several steps. Here are some guides:

Forwarding CCSFmail (Gmail) automatically to another location: 


Search box and button

Searching email


Refining your Searches: Search options and operators

Special CCSFmail/Gmail features

Labels, not Folders

You won’t see folders in Gmail. Instead, Labels provide a way of indexing your messages in multiple ways that remain easy to use:


Settings: Imap, Themes, Signatures, Vacation messages....

The Settings button

You can probably find the answers to most of your other questions by investigating the many tabs lurking under the Settings button.

google settings tabs

Some highlights:

General: Add a picture or a signature (text that automatically appears at the end of your emails); control the number of emails that display on each page; set up an automatic vacation message (auto-response when you are away).

Labels: Show, hide, or remove labels.

Accounts: Change your password.
Forget your password? Please call Ana Soto at 239-3534. (Students may reset their own passwords in WebStars.)

Forwarding and POP/IMAP: Configure IMAP for your email client or phone. See Google's instructions for 1: enabling and 2: configuring IMAP


CCSFmail/Gmail and the iPhone

Note: Google's iPhone instructions may be out of date for the latest phones. See this You Tube video for a clear, quick Gmail/iPhone IMAP tutorial

--and these additional tips that apparently fill gaps in Google's documentation.


More on Gmail and the iPhone:

A quick video guide to using Imap and Gmail on the iPhone

Still more tips on this web page