Learn English to Communicate at Home, at Work, and in the Community

Our Noncredit English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are FREE and are for non-native speakers of English. Our classes give learners the language skills for everyday needs.

General English (ESLN) Courses

Noncredit ESL Class

General English (ESLN) courses give English learners the language skills they need to integrate into the community. They learn language for shopping, health, education, transportation, and other life skills. They practice the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. They also learn about US culture while also celebrate their diversity.

Elderly noncredit students

Focus Skills (ESLF) Courses

Focus Skills (ESLF) courses help learners improve their English skills in a particular area such as conversation, pronunciation, listening and speaking, reading, writing, or computer skills.

Vocational English (ESLV)

clerical training

Vocational English (ESLV) courses provide workplace skills for learners who would like to enter the workforce or upskill in their current career paths. Students can also participate in our ESL Vocational Office Training Program (VOTP).


Academic English (ESLA)

Academic English (ESLA) courses prepare students for credit courses. Students learn academic vocabulary and practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for academic purposes.

ESL Citizenship (ESLC)

Citizenship Day Ceremony

Citizenship courses (ESLC) prepare students to pass the USCIS English Citizenship test through the naturalization interview. Students also learn about the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

Noncredit ESL Certificates

We offer Noncredit ESL Certificates of Competency in all ESL levels, Oral Communication Skills, Focus Skills, ESL Computer Assisted, and Vocational and Workplace Skills in office environment and health professionals.