Learn English to Communicate at Home, at Work, and in the Community

Our Noncredit English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are FREE and are for non-native speakers of English. Our classes give learners the language skills for everyday needs.

Elderly noncredit students

Many of our noncredit ESL students learn English to build skills that enable them to integrate in the community. They learn the language of daily life skills in shopping, health, family, transportation, and many more through our general ESL courses (ESLN). The communicative approach in the classroom not only helps students learn cultures and customs but also celebrates the diverse heritages and backgrounds.

clerical training

In addition to the general ESL courses (ESLN), focus courses (ESLF) are designed for students who are interested in improving on English skills in conversation, pronunciation, listening and speaking, reading, writing, and computer skills. With learning English with a specific purpose in mind, our Vocational ESL courses (ESLV) prepare students to gain language skills to enter the workforce and upskill in their various potential career paths, such as our ESL Vocational Office Training Program (VOTP).

Citizenship ceremony with American flags

Last but not least, our immigrant students’ lives are transformed the day they arrive in the United States. Deciding to become a U.S. citizen is monumental, and the naturalization process requires preparation. Our Citizenship courses (ESLC) prepare students to pass the English proficiency test through the naturalization interview and learn about civics around rights and freedoms in the U.S. Constitution.