Connecting CCSF Students with Immigrants and Elders in Noncredit ESL Classrooms.

Project SHINE is a nationwide service-learning program that supports immigrants who are learning English as a second language, by increasing their participation in the community and helping them become U.S. citizens.

Project SHINE volunteers help learners by teaching English and citizenship and serving as conversation partners. Project SHINE at City College of San Francisco is a collaboration with the M.A. TESOL Department at San Francisco State University.

Project SHINE is accepting applications for the Spring 2024 semester. Applications for coaching are now open! No experience necessary. Volunteer as a coach for two hours for 10 weeks = 20 hours total

Week of Feb 5 – 19

Coaching Orientation Zoom Meeting
Week of Feb 12 – 16

First Day of Coaching
Week of Feb 19 – 23


If you have questions, please contact Wynn Newberry, CCSF Project SHINE Coordinator.

Why Join Project Shine?

As a Project SHINE volunteer, you will not only make an impact on the life of an ESL student, you will also have the opportunity to develop a wide range of personal and professional skills!

  • Earn extra credit in participating classes through service-learning
  • Improve your speaking and presentation skills
  • Serve the elderly community and teach literacy
  • Gain community service experience and stand out as an applicant for scholarships
  • Build leadership skills to put on your resume and college application letter
  • Develop teaching experience
  • Share expertise in computer skills and English with noncredit ESL students
  • Mentor students to transfer to credit ESL to begin a path to a college degree

Become a Project SHINE Coach/Volunteer

Interviews to be a SHINE coach/volunteer begin within the first 2-3 weeks of every school semester. No experience is necessary. This program is designed to accommodate students with little or no volunteer experience. The interview is when we sit down with you and we find an appropriate noncredit ESL class that will fit into your schedule.