Learn English for Your Career or for a Certificate or Degree

The Credit ESL Program is designed for students who wish to pursue a vocational certificate or a two-year degree at City College or transfer to a four-year college or university.

The program includes four levels of instruction:

  • ESL 182 Intermediate Academic ESL (6 units)
  • ESL 184 High Intermediate Academic ESL (6 units)
  • ESL 186 ESL Introduction to College Reading and Writing (6 units)
  • ESL 188 ESL College Reading and Writing (6 units)

We also offer degree applicable and CSU transferable elective courses pertaining to ESL Academic Certificates of Accomplishment and Guided Pathways ESL Milestone Certificates of Achievement in Business, Child Development and Math.

  Accelerated Academic Pathway Credit Listening/Speaking Credit Electives
  ESLA 3180 (Noncredit)    


ESL 182

*ESL 49 ESL Communication (CSU as elective)

ESL 75 Editing & Grammar Review
High Intermediate

*ESL 184 (UC/CSU as elective)

*ESL 69 ESL Communication (CSU as elective)

*ESL 66 Listening & Reading (CSU as elective)
Advanced *ESL 186 (UC/CSU as elective) *ESL 79 Advanced Speaking & Pronunciation (CCSF GE Area A, CSU as elective) *ESL 85 Editing & Grammar Review
High Advanced *ESL 188 (CCSF GE Area E, UC/CUS as elective, CSU as Humanities)  

*ESL 67 Practical Writing (CCSF GE Area A, CSU as elective)

*ESL 95 Editing & Grammar Review

* = degree applicable

Certificates of Accomplishment

The ESL Department offers two certificates in Advanced ESL: Advanced Academic English as a Second Language and Advanced English as a Second Language Oral Communication Skills.

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