Learn English for Your Career or for a Certificate or Degree

The Credit ESL Program is designed for students who wish to pursue a vocational certificate or a two-year degree at City College or transfer to a four-year college or university.

The program includes four levels of instruction and their companion electives courses:

  • Intermediate Academic ESL
  • High Intermediate Academic ESL
  • ESL Introduction to College Reading and Writing 
  • ESL College Reading and Writing

The ESL Department offers two certificates in Advanced ESL: Advanced Academic English as a Second Language and Advanced English as a Second Language Oral Communication Skills.

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  Accelerated Academic Pathway Credit Listening/Speaking Credit Electives

ESLA 3180 (ESLA 3165, ESLA 3175)




ESL 182

*ESL 49 ESL Communication (CSU as elective)

ESL 75 Editing & Grammar Review
High Intermediate

*ESL 184 (UC/CSU as elective)

*ESL 69 ESL Communication (CSU as elective)

*ESL 66 Listening & Reading (CSU as elective)
Advanced *ESL 186 (UC/CSU as elective) *ESL 79 Advanced Speaking & Pronunciation (CCSF GE Area A, CSU GE Area A1 Oral Communication or elective) *ESL 85 Editing & Grammar Review
High Advanced *ESL 188 (CCSF GE Area E, UC/CSU as elective, CSU GE Area C2 Humanities or  elective)  

*ESL 67 Practical Writing (CCSF GE Area A, CSU as elective)

*ESL 95 Editing & Grammar Review

* = degree applicable

We also offer degree applicable and CSU-transferable elective courses pertaining to Guided Pathways ESL Milestone Certificates of Achievement in Business, Child Development and Math.

Learn More About the ESL Programs and Certificates