The credit ESL program includes four levels of instruction:

  • ESL 182 Intermediate Academic ESL (6 units)
  • ESL 184 High Intermediate Academic ESL (6 units)
  • ESL 186 ESL Introduction to College Reading and Writing (6 units)
  • ESL 188 ESL College Reading and Writing (6 units)
How to Register for Credit ESL Classes

Whether you are becoming a new CCSF credit student or a current CCSF noncredit student, you must apply as a new credit student.

Fill out the CCSF Credit Online Application Form.

Email message

Once your application is process, you will receive an email with your CCSF Student ID Number. 

In the New Student Orientation, you will learn about various student support services, including financial aid, your eligibility for FreeCity (free tuition for San Francisco residents), California residency, and credit ESL placement testing.

If you are new to CCSF, register for your RAM ID using the Student ID number you received in the email after you have completed the application.

The Credit ESL Placement Tool has two parts: 

  1. Choose your reading level from five reading samples
  2. Choose your writing level from five writing samples

To find out your level of credit ESL, fill out the Credit ESL Placement Tool to make an appointment to take the placement. 

If you have any questions, contact the ESL Credit Placement Testing Coordinator, Erin Lofthouse (

Learn more about our Credit ESL Program.

With your RAM ID, log in to myRam Portal. Under the Student Portal tab, you can check the INFORMATION FOR REGISTRATION. On this list, you can see your registration dates, hold information, and placement results.

Based on your information for registration, you can plan to register for classes in the upcoming semester. 

Check out our ESL Class Schedule page for the current credit ESL course offerings. If you have any questions about registering for credit ESL courses, contact our Credit ESL Advisor & ESL Ocean Campus Coordinator Nicki Trahan (