Welcome to the CCSF Student Wireless Network

Before you can connect to the CCSF Student wireless network, you MUST have your working RAM ID credentials, if you do not have them yet, please visit the RAM ID page.

If you experience difficulties with your CCSF Student connection or login, please bring your mobile devices to the student's ACRC Lab at Batmale Hall, 3rd floor for assistance and troubleshooting in person.

  • Network WPA Key = freewireless4all
  • Student ID = e.g. W00000000 or @00000000
  • Password = your RAM ID password

To Connect to CCSF Student:

Note: The following instructions are for a Laptop running Windows. For your particular mobile device, you will need to read your device manual for instructions on how to connect to a Wi-Fi network. If you do not have the manual, just do a Google search on how to connect to Wi-Fi for your particular device's model.

  1. Once you have obtained your working RAM ID login credentials, click on your computer’s "Wireless Network Connections" icon in the lower right corner of your laptop’s screen.
  2. Click on your mobile device's "Wireless Network Connection" icon and choose CCSF Student (to avoid possible connection problems in the future, do not select "Connect automatically", or "Remember this network" on Apple devices).
  3. When asked for “Network WPA Key,” enter freewireless4all, then click OK or Connect on Windows 7, see Fig. 1 and Join or OK for Mac OS X, iPhone & iPad, see Fig. 2 (to avoid possible connection problems in the future, do not select "Remember this network" on Apple devices). This step is only required once, however, if you are using Apple products, you may be asked for a "Password" – enter freewireless4all.
  4. Open your Internet Browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.), and enter any URL (i.e., www.ccsf.edu, www.google.com, www.yahoo.com, etc.).
  5. You will see the CCSF Student Welcome page, where you will need to enter the Username (it is case-sensitive - lower or upper case w / W will make a big difference, so remember how you signed up online) and your RAM ID Password.

After entering your correct Login Credentials, you might need to open another browser tab and start surfing the net – congratulations and enjoy!

Your username is your RAM ID, which is your student number (e.g. W00000000 or @00000000).

Your password is whatever you have selected when claiming or managing your RAM ID.