Frequently Asked Questions

Career counseling assist students and alumni in exploring their interests, personality preferences, skills and values to develop realistic career options that best fits their talents.

A career plan combines self-assessment, exploration, and decision-making to launch the steps needed for career success. It can be a life-long plan, through college and beyond. A career plan will assist you in completing an educational plan effectively.

Career counseling helps guide students and alumni through self-assessment, exploration, research and decision-making to find their career options and appropriate major.

Career assessment is a battery of career tests that include interest surveys, personality inventories, skills assessments and values clarification. These are provided free of charge at the Career Center or in CDC classes and workshops.

Most CCSF departments offer CCSF students on-campus opportunities. To learn more about potential opportunities and/or the hiring process, visit the Office of (On- Campus) Student Employment.

All off-campus jobs are posted on the CCSF-College Central Network. In addition, the College Central Network offers students and alumni the ability to post their resume, access career-related articles, podcasts, and career events. 

The Career Center welcomes all international students to meet with counselors to explore their career options and employment opportunities. 

The Career Development classes are designed to provide students and alumni an opportunity to explore their career options, decide on a major, prepare for the job search and successfully transition from college to career. The CDC offers credit courses.