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All CCSF students can access live online tutoring through NetTutor’s trained tutors. NetTutor tutors are available for live sessions, to answer submitted questions, and to review papers any day of the week. Online tutoring services can be accessed anywhere.

Instructions for Log In to NetTutor:

  • Go to CCSF Home Page - Click on MyCCSF on top of the page – Select Login to Canvas and use your RAMID and Password.
  • Click on Canvas Dashboard and choose class that you want to get tutoring in
  • Choose NetTutor in the list on the left
  • If you do Not see NetTutor in your Canvas - submit this FORM.
  • Accept User Agreement
  • Select subject and click on Meet with the Live Tutor or Drop off a Question.

Helpful Information and Video Tutorials:

How To Use NetTutor Video:


Bring Your Math Homework To Tutoring Session Video:


Uploading a Paper to NetTutor Video:

Don't See NetTutor in your Canvas Course:

Submit this FORM.

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