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All CCSF students can access live online tutoring through NetTutor’s trained tutors. NetTutor tutors are available for live sessions, to answer submitted questions, and to review papers any day of the week. Online tutoring services can be accessed anywhere.

If accessing NetTutor for the first time you must complete each step below:
Note: You will need access to your CCSF email account, e.g.  You may find out your CCSF email address and password using Web4

Step #1: To setup your FREE NetTutor CCSF Account use the directions below :
(Skip Step #1 for Canvas/Insight access, go to Step #2)

  • Click the NetTutor CCSF Login (it will open in the next tab). For first time set-up you MUST use this link.
  • Complete the form to create your NetTutor FREE account:
    • Username: Your CCSF Email address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email: Your CCSF Email address
    • Click Create My Account.
    • Click on "Login".
  • Log in to your CCSF email to get your NetTutor account information. Check your SPAM/JUNK folder if needed.
  • Return to the NetTutor Login page
    • Remember: Your USERNAME is your CCSF email address and your password sent to you from NetTutor to your CCSF email address.

Step #2: Watch the videos below on how to use NetTutor's Online Services:




NetTutor Demonstration Video: 

How to use NetTutor

NetTutor Modes:

Ask a NetTutor, Q&A Center and the Paper Center


How to Ask a Tutor a Question in NetTutor

How to submit a question to a live tutor. This service is designed for questions you may encounter while doing your homework assignments

Using the NetTutor Paper Center:

How to submit a paper to the NetTutor Paper Center, retrieve it once the paper has been reviewed, and upload it for a live session if you have any other questions


Step #3: Review additional tips below and start using NetTutor!

  • For live tutoring, click on “Ask NetTutor – Live 1-to-1 Help.”
  • Request audio from your online tutor if you have access to the headset/microphone.
  • Request a Math tutor in Spanish, English or Mandarin.

To make the most of your tutoring session, review the short, how-to videos on the right side of this screen.