Engaging Classes Designed to Help You Achieve Success!

College Success (LERN) classes are designed to meet the needs of all students but are especially valuable for returning students, first-year students, students who have previously struggled to succeed in their education, or for students eager to learn the skills necessary to reach college, career or lifelong achievement.

Students learn how to apply the following strategies to their college classes:

  • navigating educational systems and online learning
  • time management and overcoming procrastination
  • major and career exploration
  • financial management
  • setting and achieving goals
  • instructor/student interactions
  • effective communication
  • accessing campus services
  • understanding learning preferences
  • maintaining health and wellness
  • understanding diversity and social advocacy
  • lecture note-taking
  • test preparation and test-taking
  • using the library 
  • critical thinking and analysis
  • problem-solving
  • memory and concentration
College Success (LERN) Classes
LERN/IDST 50: College Success
(3 units)
This class is our most popular course! It is designed to teach students the skills necessary to succeed in college. The class is offered in various formats, such as online, in-person, short-term and remote. LERN/IDST 50 meets CCSF graduation Area A and transfer Area E requirements.
LERN 55: Successful Online Learning
(1 Unit)
An interactive, 6-week, online class that teaches the skills necessary for students to succeed in online classes. The class is offered several times throughout the semester, provides expert guidance on how to be a successful online learner, and introduces students to online academic resources.
LERN 51: College Success Basics
(1 unit)
This brief course introduces students to foundational college success strategies, such as goal setting and time management, memory and concentration, lecture notetaking, accessing campus resources, textbook studying and test taking. This class is offered on a limited basis. Please check the schedule for current offerings.
(1 unit)
This brief intensive course increases student success by introducing content-specific study strategies particular to a targeted academic discipline, course or section within a discipline. Study strategies are unique to the discipline to assist students with assigned content. This class is offered on a limited basis. Please check the schedule for current offerings.
LERN 10: Introduction to Tutoring
1-unit, Pass/No Pass
Students will learn best practices, techniques, and strategies for effective tutoring. Areas covered will include, but not be limited to: the tutor role and responsibility, the tutor-tutee relationship, the tutoring cycle, strategies and techniques to implement when tutoring students of various backgrounds, learning preferences, academic abilities, and covers subject-specific tutoring strategies.

Interested in taking a LERN Class? 

College Success (LERN) classes are offered through the Learning Assistance Department and range from .5 - 3 units. Check the class schedule or attend one of our virtual counter sessions to learn more!