LAC Computer Lab

Students utilizing computer resources at the Learning Assistance Center Computer Lab

"What is the best resource at City?  The LAC open-access Computer Lab.  With the help of experienced friendly tutors, students can improve their computer skills while completing their assignments or checking their e-mail. Because it is located within the Rosenberg Library, it is extremely easy to access and the fees are paid as part of the registration process!" Bob Miller, student

The LAC Computer Lab is City College of San Francisco's largest open-access computer lab for students, located in the Learning Assistance Center, Room 207, on the 2nd floor of the Rosenberg Library.

Free computer access is available for all registered CCSF students taking academic classes such as Business, English, ESL, Math and Science. Individual computer workstations offer a variety of course-related educational software, CD-ROMs, Microsoft Office and Internet/email access.

How to Use the LAC Computer Lab

Drop by the LAC Computer Lab in the Rosenberg Library, Room 207. Go to the Computer Lab Counter at the rear of the LAC.

Show your CCSF Photo ID Card with Barcode to the counter staff. (If you don’t have one, go to the Registration Center in Smith Hall 118. They will provide you with one quickly and easily.)

You will be asked to complete a short LAC registration form the first time you visit each semester. You will be shown how to login on our computers and which computer to use.

Since our computers are in constant use, there is a 1½ hour limit per session when other students are waiting. You’ll be asked to sign a wait list if there is one. There is no limit for number of sessions that CCSF student can have per day at the LAC Computer Lab. Printing costs $.12/page on our black and white laser printer.

LAC Computer Lab Policies and Procedures

Computer Lab Assistant Application Process

  • All applicants for student worker positions must complete the “Student Hiring Eligibility Process” (SHEP) prior to their first day of work. We encourage you to begin this process early because it can take time. The LAC cannot hire you until you have completed this process.
  • View LAC Job Descriptions and determine if you qualify for a position with the LAC
  • Complete Form A: LAC Employment Application.
  • Complete Form B: LAC Schedule of Available Hours with your available hours and preferred hours.
  • Bring your completed forms to the LAC Computer Lab in R207. Ask to speak with the Computer Lab Manager responsible for student worker hiring, who will determine if you will be tested, interviewed, and hired.

CCSF Wireless Access

CCSF students may gain access to the college’s wireless network and use their own computer while at City College and while in the Learning Assistance Center. Sign up at