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Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Program

*Attention CCSF students*

To further limit the potential of COVID-19 spreading within our local community, City College of San Francisco temporarily suspended face to face student services and instruction effective Friday March 13. Starting March 30, Student Services will continue offering remote services and you can continue to receive resources from our department websites and COVID-19 Corona Virus Response FAQs.

Please scan and email documents to the appropriate email addresses in order for us to serve you best.

For questions or to request assistance please contact:

Concurrent & Dual High School Admission: hsenroll@ccsf.edu

Residency & Free City: resident@ccsf.edu

Graduation: graduate@ccsf.edu

Admissions & Records: admit@ccsf.edu

Transcripts - outgoing: trnscrpt@ccsf.edu

Registration - adds, drops, withdrawals: register@ccsf.edu

Tuition & Fees & Enrollment Verifications: tuition@ccsf.edu

Please ensure all documents being emailed are completely filled out with appropriate signatures and are readable and legible.

If your document requires a Instructor or Department Chair signature, please email these forms to the appropriate people to gain signatures before emailing them to Admissions & Records.  All college staff and instructors will be available via email.  You can find contact information on our school website Employee Directory https://www.ccsf.edu/Info/Dir/

We will not be able to accept faxes during this closure.

We will not be accepting phone calls during this closure.

We apologize for any inconvenience during this time and we are committed to serving our students to the best of our abilities during this school campus closure.


Student Union

Are you a high school or home schooled student interested in academic classes being offered at City College San Francisco?  Whether your goal is to start out on a path for a successful career, get an early start on higher education, or earn high school and college credits simultaneously, CCSF has a wide variety of on-campus and off-campus programs, services, and activities to help you reach your educational goals.

Deadline for Dual/Concurrent High School documentation to be submitted:


Summer 2020:

Semester begins: June 8, 2020

Deadline Date to submit High School paperwork: June 3, 2020

Online Registration Date:on or after May 7, 2020 


Fall 2020:

Semester begins: August 15, 2020

Deadline Date to submit High School paperwork: August 12, 2020

Online Registration Date:on or after May 29, 2020 


First time joining CCSF and have completed a minimum of 120 high school credits?
Returning High School students who have taken classes within the last two semesters
High School Students please read
High School Students please read

California Education Law

  • Under Education Code 48800, The governing board of a school district (a.k.a CCSF) may authorize High School pupils, upon recommendation of the principal of the pupil’s school of attendance, and with parental consent, to attend a community college during any session or term as special part-time or full-time students and to undertake one or more courses of instruction offered at the community college level.
  • Under Education code 49061, The records of a student who is over the age of 18yrs OR enrolls/attends a community college (regardless of age) are deemed confidential. This means that under CA education law, college employees are not able to release educational records to parents/guardians unless the student completes and submits signed FERPA Release Consent Form to CCSF, Admissions and Records Office. 
  • Under Education code 76001.d, If approved by colllege official, High School Students can enroll in up to 11.99 college units. (Please note, students enrolled in more than 11.99 units in one semester are responsible for paying the entire cost of tuition/enrollment fees for that term.)
  • Under Education code 76001.e, CCSF (the governing board) shall assign a low enrollment priority to special part-time or full-time students described in order to ensure that these students do not displace regularly admitted students.

Ordering Transcripts

Please visit our Transcript web page for information on obtaining your official or unofficial transcript: