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Application to CCSF Strategic Enrollment Management Promising Practices Project--DUE Feb 8, 2019

The CCSF SEM (Strategic Enrollment Management) Project enables sharing of local promising practices related to enrollment. CCSF SEM honors the expertise of our faculty and staff and lifts up high-impact practices that have developed over time. SEM is a peer engagement and peer learning strategy that shares fiscally-prudent enrollment practices across institutional boundaries—departments, divisions and locations. More specifically, these practices attempt to effect change in scheduling, program design, success and completion, retention and persistence, planning, using data tools and resources, marketing and communication, outreach, and providing support and services to students.

Please consider submitting a promising practice from your department, division, or special program using this form (one practice per submission). Your submission will be reviewed by our CCSF SEM team and then you will be notified as to whether the practice will be added to the SEM resources housed on the Enrollment Management Resource page and shared at a symposium at the end of the academic year. Let’s learn from each other!

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