Developing a New Online Class

Process for Developing a New Online Class

The Educational Technology Department supports faculty in the development of all credit online classes offered at CCSF. There are several steps in the development of an online class.

You are required to actively use an LMS for at least one semester before applying to develop an online course.

Talk with your Department Chair and identify a course for online development. Identify an existing course that is currently taught face-to-face. The course must have been taught for at least two semesters. It is strongly recommended that faculty develop courses that fulfill CCSF graduation requirements, meet CTE requirements or transfer to the California State University and/or the University of California systems.  Also, courses that are severely impacted are more likely to succeed online. Without Department Chair support, the course cannot be developed. Make certain that the course supports the College's Mission Statement. 

Complete the Application to Develop a Distance Learning Class. You will need approval signatures from your Department Chair and School Dean. Please check the DLAC meeting dates. See the link to the right for the application.

The Distance Learning Advisory Committee (DLAC), a Shared Governance Committee, reviews the application for a faculty member to develop a new online course. The Ed Tech Department notifies applicants after the meetings in order for department chairs to plan assignments when producing the schedule.

The Educational Technology Department funds the development of new online classes per the AFT 2121 contract, Exhibit O. We also work with departments who receive grant funding to develop online classes.

After the course is approved for development the faculty member is added to the next cohort of faculty developing online classes.

Before a class can be offered online it must meet CCSF Curriculum Committee Distance Education Addendum Requirements. Once the class has been approved, the Ed Tech Department works with the developer to make certain that curriculum requirements are met. Those applying to develop an online class do not need to complete the Curriculum Committee requirements until after the application is approved. 

Before teaching an online class a faculty member must participate in District mandated training. The faculty member works closely with the Educational Technology Department in the development of the online course. Faculty are trained on the pedagogy of converting a face-to-face course to online delivery by participating in the Online Teaching and Learning Course. Face-to-face workshops are required where faculty learn how to use the various tools available in the LMS. One-on-one meetings are required as faculty build content in the new online class. At various stages of development the new class is reviewed by CCSF’s Alternative Media Specialist for accessibility/508 compliance and by the Educational Technology Department for deliverability. Additionally, the class is required to meet the College-wide Curriculum Committee requirements for delivery of a distance learning class (information about these requirements is included in the training). Final approval is done in collaboration with the developing faculty member, the Department Chair where the course is housed, the Alternative Media Specialist, the Distance Learning Coordinator, Distance Learning Teaching Specialist, and the Educational Technology Chair. The process takes between one to two semesters. For more information about training, click the link to the left.

If you have questions please contact Jen Kienzle, Distance Education Coordinator, at

Process for Developing a New Online Class

For Faculty Who Are Already Trained to Teach

Online by CCSF

Faculty who have already completed CCSF's District mandated training with the Educational Technology Department (TMI) are eligible to develop new online courses and may be eligible for re-assigned time.

An application must be completed (see link to the right).

The information in the section above pertains to the new class exclusive of the training. Make certain to speak with your department chair. Applications are reviewed by the Distance Learning Advisory Committee throughout the year. Trainings are conducted in the fall and spring semesters for returning developers.