School of Health, PE & Social Services

Mission Statement

Our foremost mission is to foster superior levels of educational participation and academic success among our students, and, in so doing, enable them to acquire the necessary job skills to attain entry-level positions in the fields of health care or fitness. The School of Health, Physical Education, and Social Services collaborates with Bay Area hospitals and other health care institutions to ensure that, upon completion of study, our students are prepared to respond to the current community health concerns.


The School of Health, Physical Education. and Social Services was founded in 1993 during a major re-organization of City College’s departments and programs. Today, all of City College’s health programs and services are under the coordination and supervision of a Dean. The current structure eliminates the unnecessary duplication of classes and allows for greater communication between the programs and departments of the School of Health, Physical Education. and Social Services. Today’s structure provides students with greater flexibility in moving from one health program to another.