We have information, resources and advice for students interested in teaching as a career. This includes assistance with university transfer for advanced degrees as well as support to obtain elementary, secondary and CTE credentials.

Individuals interested in becoming K-12 or CTE  teachers can receive advising, pathway and transfer support, resources and information on related activities including, mentoring, Future Teachers Club, field experience opportunities and specific course offerings for future teachers. SFSU courses offered at the CCSF campus in related areas are available, as are advisors and counselors.

Read the below and check out more information in the right panel of this page. We invite you to call us at (415) 239-3890 or email Anne Chan at alchan@ccsf.edu

Why Teach?

Future Teacher Club, 2010/2011

  • It takes a special person to become a teacher: Teachers change the world, one child at a time.
  • Teaching is more than a job - it is a promise: Teachers create the future.
  • I want to make the dreams of others come true:      I am a teacher.




Will I Like It?

Explore the teaching profession while you are at CCSF by:

  • Explore www.teachcalifornia.org for information, resources and support for becoming a teacher in California!
  • Earn a work/study grant, if financial - aid eligible, by working with children. Specific financial aid loan forgiveness, information and math & science teacher support can be viewed by reviewing the Teacher Loan Program.
  • Enroll in a Child Development Field Experience course (CDEV 71 or 75) and Work Experience, and earn units while learning to work in  K-12 classrooms with children and youth.
  • Tutor or Mentor or engage a service learning at CCSF and earn work experience credit and gain valuable experience teaching others.
  • Engage in paid or volunteer opportunities working with children at CCSF at our child development centers and at elementary, middle and high schools in SFUSD.
  • Enroll in a CDEV Fieldwork or Work Experience course. Visit the Teacher Prep Center in MUB 247 for fieldwork and work experience course information.
  • Obtain a child development permit and work in the field while you are in school to gain experience and an understanding of how children learn and grow. Child development permits enable you to work in preschool and infant programs and in after school and summer programs that are licensed by Community Care Licensing. An important way to prepare for teaching is to gain experience working with children of any age! We can assist you in obtaining a permit, securing a child development job and planning a required course of study. Call (415) 452-5605.
  • Enroll in SFSU classes offered at the City College Campus for a reduced fee! These upper division courses are available to CCSF students.
  • Students interested in becoming Community College teachers at CCSF may be interested in applying for the Grow Your Own program. Students are required to obtain an MA or MS degree in their field before teaching at CCSF. A financial support program is available to assist promising students in this area.
  • Students interested in receiving e-mail updates from the Teacher Prep Center can join the e-mail list. As a member of Teacher Prep mailing list you will receive emails notifying you about upcoming events, education programs, and other resources that may interest you as a future teacher. You will be able to stay informed about the issues and legislation that affect our schools and teachers today. In addition, you will be able to communicate with other future teachers here at CCSF.
  • If you are interested in teaching or wish to receive messages from the Teacher Prep Center, subscribe yourself to this mailing list by sending an email to: Majordomo@ccsf.edu with the following command in the body of your email message: subscribe teacherprep.