Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

2001 San Francisco Proposition A and 2005 San Francisco Proposition A were passed under the rules of 2000 Statewide Proposition 39, which directs that the Board of Trustees appoint a Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) to monitor bond expenditures. The organization and conduct of the CBOC is laid out in the CBOC By-laws, which are approved by the Board of Trustees.

This Committee is responsible for reviewing expenditures related to the District’s $195,000,000 general obligation bond, Proposition A, approved by the voters on November 6, 2001; and $243,600,000 general obligation bond, Proposition A, approved by the voters on November 8, 2005.

The Committee meets four times a year (January, April, July and October) at one of the District’s locations. Members have the opportunity to tour recently completed projects and project sites in construction. Committee members receive information and updates on bond-funded projects in progress throughout the District. The Committee produces an Annual Report to the Community, providing information about the District's bond-funded projects and conformance of financial expenditures with the voter-approved ballot measures.

Members serve two‐year terms and are allowed to serve up to 3 consecutive terms. 


Application for Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee

Members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Board through the following process: (a) the District will advertise in the local newspapers, on its website, and in other customary forums, as well as solicit appropriate local groups for applications; (b) the Chancellor will review the applications; and (c) the Chancellor will make recommendations to the Board.





Term Expires 

Peter Gallegos At-Large Member November 13, 2021
Christine Hanson At-Large Member November 13, 2021
Ernest Jackson At-Large Member September 25, 2021
Shanon Lampkins-Jones At-Large Member  November 7, 2020
Rafael Musni At-Large Member November 13, 2021
Linda Richardson At-Large Member September 25, 2021
Steven Tang At-Large Member December 11, 2021
Amar Thomas At-Large Member August 21, 2021
Dennis J. Kelly Senior Citizens' Organization Member  December 11, 2021
TBD Business Organization Member  
TBD Bona Fide Taxpayers' Organization Member   
TBD College Support Organization (Foundation) Member  
TBD Student   


At-Large Member
At-Large Member

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