What is the parcel tax?

The Parcel Tax is an annual $79 (now $99 until 2032) flat tax administered imposed on 196,173 taxable properties in San Francisco from 2013 to 2016 (in 2015-2016, the 196,173 parcels is derived from the total 206,202 parcels, minus 10,029 non-taxable parcels (5,044 non-taxable + 7 exempted + 4,978 timeshare)).

What is the impact of Parcel Tax on the City College?

The Parcel Tax funds salaries, benefits, classes, equipment, technology upgrades and related expenses.

Who is NBS?

NBS is our private special tax administrator that works with government agencies around California. https://www.nbsgov.com/

Where do I go to apply for a parcel tax exemption?

Located on this website is the form and directions for an exemption from the parcel tax. PDF Removed

Is there a list of classes funded?

Yes, follow the link and click on which semester you are interested in. /en/about-city-college/board-of-trustees/parcelTax/parcel-tax-funded-by-class-and-term.html

What is Senate Bill 165?

SB 165 details the dos and don'ts of parcel tax reporting and spending.

Where can I go to talk about the parcel tax or add suggestions for reporting?

Come to our upcoming Parcel Tax Committee meeting