Board Goals 2020-2021

      Adopted September 24, 2020

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      1. Educational Quality and Student Success.  Ensure and support academic excellence and student success. (Institutional Goal I, II, IV, VI)
      2. Financial Responsibility.  Ensure a sustainable economic future for the District through policy, monitoring, and adoption of a strategy to maintain accreditation and independence for the District. (Institutional Goal V, VII)
      3. DEI/Social Justice.  Ensure that the District is welcoming and supports the success of all employees and students, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, learning differences, sexual orientation, or religion. (Institutional Goal II, VIII)
      4. COVID-19.  To balance the safety and well-being of students and employees with the purpose of providing high-quality education, review and approve decisions regarding COVID-19 and its impact on the college. (Institutional Goal I, IV, V)
      5. Board Relations.  Continue to build capacity for effective Board governance and the fulfillment of the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities. (Institutional Goal II, III, V)

       2018-2025 Institutional Goals

      • Improve the student experience
      • Institutionalize equity
      • Improve communication
      • Strengthen credit and noncredit programs
      • Improve the operation of the College
      • Strengthen community, education, and industry partnerships
      • Maintain, improve, and build facilities
      • Expand and encourage opportunities for professional development