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We are committed to the safety and security of all students, faculty / staff and visitors at all of CCSF campuses. We pride ourselves on the development of a community-oriented relationship with those, we are sworn to protect and serve. Please explore our website and take advantage of the information available. Your comments and suggestions for improvement will always be welcome.


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Current Safety Information and Training


Recommended training:

FEMA Online Course: IS-907: Active Shooter: What You Can Do


Latest Crime Alert


On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 7:55 p.m., a robbery occurred on the sidewalk, near the campus main entrance.  The victim, a CCSF employee was walking northbound on Kearny St., while on his IPhone. Suspect 1 was walking next to him, and then Suspect 2 came from behind and reached over to grab the phone.  At the same time Suspect 1 punched the victim several times on the face then both suspects grabbed the phone from the victim’s hands.  The suspects fled southbound on Kearny St.  The victim saw a third suspect who “squared up” to the victim as he attempted to chase after the first two suspects.  All three suspects were last seen eastbound on Washington St. and then Southbound on Montgomery St.

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CCSF Emergency Alert System

CCSF has partnered with “Regroup” to provide an Emergency/Important information “Mass Notification System” which uses text, email and voicemail for cell phone users.  Faculty, staff and students are automatically enrolled in the system via information in our Banner program. Campus community members are asked to keep their cell phone information updated via Web4 access.

Note: the system operates as an automatic opted-in program, anyone wishing to opt out of the system may do so at any time.  Please be aware that opting out of the system may cause a delay in your receiving emergency or important information forwarded by the college.


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