Members of the District Police Department are proud to support the mission of the College District by providing professional law enforcement and security services. Our goal is to conduct our business in a manner that shows professionalism, respect and caring. Please contact the Office of Chief to recognize good service provided by any member of the department.


Individuals concerned with the conduct of public safety personnel are encouraged to contact an on-duty supervisor. Following your contact with the supervisor, you may wish to file a formal complaint. Formal complaints against public safety personnel can be made in person.

To file a complaint, email us at, call (415) 239-3200, or come to our main office, located on the Ocean Campus , Judson Village, Bungalow 800.

Citizens Complaint Procedures

  1. Complaint form shall be received by any employee of the department.
  2. Complaint is to be investigated by a certified trained internal affairs investigator, employee of the department, or by an outside certified/licensed investigator.
  3. Completed investigations shall be reviewed by the Chief of Police for final department recommendation.
  4. The Chief of Police shall forward his/her recommendation to the office of the President and/or designated District authority i.e., Human Resources, Employee Relations.
  5. Individuals may be advised of the final recommendation of an investigation in line with personnel laws and regulations.