​Most crimes that occur on campus are crimes of “opportunity”. Here are some tips to avoid being a victim.

  • Do not leave any personal belongings unattended anytime or anywhere.
  • Use the buddy system or get an SFCCPD escort when traveling to and from campus.
  • Avoid dark isolated areas of campus.
  • Lock your car and never leave valuables visible.
  • Lock-up your property with a high quality lock.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Common sense is your best protection!

Report Campus Crime and any Suspicious Activity to us anytime. If there are other concerns you have, please feel free to email us as well.

Call 415-239-3200 or email: police@ccsf.edu

What thieves may be looking for
Lack of detection
Criminals will decide where they have enough time to take the item without being seen. Is the item in plain view and how easy will it be to take the item. The easier it is the more likely the criminal will attempt entry into the vehicle and take the item. Where is the vehicle parked? In a parking lot where people are present and where there may be a security camera; criminals are less likely to try to enter your vehicle. Criminals are looking for that vehicle that is parked on an unused street where no one is around and the criminal can take there time.
How easy is it
Criminals are looking for the opportunity and when you leave doors unlocked or windows open you have given them opportunity to commit the crime. The criminal doesn’t have to waste time trying to use a tool to open the door or break a window to gain entry. The criminal knows his chances of not being discovered are better because there is no noise of breaking glass and less time is needed to commit the crime. Not to mention criminals know that entering an unlocked vehicle is not as serious a crime as having to break into a locked vehicle.
Value of an item
The criminal is looking for the item worth value to them and not you. That spare change may not mean anything to you but it does to a criminal who is trying to pay for there next drug fix. If the item is not visible, now the criminal also has to decide how long it will take to find an item of value, and if one does exist. Many criminals will only go for the sure thing such as a wallet or purse left out in open view; or, they notice when you stashed something prior to exiting the vehicle.
What Can You Do
Take Out Valuables
If you can leave your valuables at home, do so. Otherwise, when you get to your destination, take valuables with you. If you have to leave them in your vehicle; place them in your trunk before you get to your destination.
Close your windows
Even a slightly open window makes it easier for a criminal to get into your vehicle and an open window will allow a criminal quick & quiet way to reach into your vehicle. Take the time to make sure you closed everything even on these hot days.
Lock your vehicle and set car alarm
When you get out of your vehicle make it a point to reach out to your door handle and make sure the door is locked. If a criminal is watching he will see that you did actual lock your car and will less likely make you his next victim. Remember the criminal is looking for the easy and fast target. Set your car alarm step two or three feet from your car and point the remote at the car and set the alarm. Most car alarms make a noise to indicate it is set. The movement of you pointing the remote and the noise the alarm makes when set will also detour the criminal from trying to enter your vehicle.

Tips for You To Remember

Record your serial numbers and keep then in a safe place in your home. If your valuables are stolen, the officer taking the police report will need the serial numbers so they can put them into the “Automated Property System” (APS). This system can tell an officer anywhere in the U.S who may come across your property that it belongs to you.

Mark your valuables with your Drivers License number because the police can get your name from the Drivers License number but not from a Social Security number.

Use anti-theft devices such as car alarms and locking devices over the steering wheel.

Report any & all suspicious activity to Campus Police.